You may have seen that I have signed up to do Brighton Marathon next year and as a result I have been working towards putting a training plan in place so that I can improve on the time I did the London Marathon in 2018. Having something to work towards is helping to keep me focused on improving my overall fitness.

In the end last week (21-27 April) I completed a total of 72361 steps which was an average of 10337 this week I still have a little way to go in order t o match or improve on that.

Steps for 21-27 April

This week I have managed to boost my step count by walking home from work on Wednesday night. Whilst on my way home I managed to get this photo:

Sunset on Wednesday evening during my walk home

On the 1st of May I started a 30 day plank challenge to help improve my core strength and am hoping to complete the full 30 days.

30 Day Plank Challenge

I am still working on getting back in to the gym and making it more of my routine however I am finding more ways to be more active which is definitely an improvement to a few weeks ago. I am also making healthier choices with my food which is also helping me to have more energy.

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