I was watching a video the other night which got me thinking about my priorities, what I want to do and achieve and am I investing in the things that are important to me.

It’s interesting thinking about how the things I used to priorities don’t feel as important to me anymore.

It is very common knowledge that I used to be a lover of sitting in the pub for hours on end and going out on the weekend drinking endless amount of alcohol to the extent that I am surprised my liver still functions.

Over the last few years there has been a big shift in wanting to go out all the time, the novelty of this wore off very quickly and I soon found myself looking for other things to do instead.

I love experiencing new things. I enjoy going on adventures and I love being outside and being active (to some extent). I have found that rather than spending my money on nights out I now spend it on tickets to things such as the under groud cinema, theatre tickets and also holidays – Last May I was on my second Nofolk Broads Boating Trip with my parents, I really enjoy being out on the water, relaxing and being able to see things from a different perspective, so much so that I ended up booking a boat for this year. This is actually the first holiday I have ever booked and paid for myself so in some ways it feels like a bit of an achievement.

I am slowly trying to change my habits from getting out of bed late on my days off to trying to get up earlier so I can makke use of more of the day. This is partly made easier by the fact Marysia is an early bird.

I think that it is very interesting to look back and see how my priorities have changed over the last few year.s Things that I thought were good investments of my time and money are no longer things that interest me. Where as things that I used not be phased by are now things that I want to spend more time doing and investing money in to.

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