One year ago Marysia and I became an ‘official’ couple. We had just spent a few weeks a part where she had been to South Africa and I had been to Norfolk with my parents, prior to that we had spent a few weeks getting to know each other. Knowing that I was going away with my parents and only becoming single at the beginning of the year meant I wasn’t really looking for a relationship.

Tenby 2018

Although as you can tell a year later that had changed and I guess you could say you can’t really plan for when the right person will come a long.

Realistically being in a relationship for a year isn’t really a very long period of time in the grand scheme of things however it is still a milestone. Over the last year we have already made some great memories together and ticked off a whole host of ‘firsts’ in our relationship.

Cardiff Pride 2018

From the cinema trips, the endless sofa Sundays accompanied with a roast dinner, the walks with Boris exploring different parks, fields and forests. To our hotel stays and our first holiday together we have done so much already and I am looking forward to the adventures we are going to go on together in the future and the memories we are going to make.

Our dream team.

We might not do too many extravagant things but we are verygood at spending quality time together. Some of the best times we spendtogether are doing the simplest and most normal things… I hope that we alwaysgo to the toy section in the supermarket before doing the shopping!

We have made our own little routine of what we do on theweekend and how we spend our time together.

Marysia has spent a lot of time learning and understanding my mental health, what makes it worse and what makes my bad days better. She has had so much patience with me on more than one occasion which I couldn’t be more thankful for. She has challenged me, and supported me. She has encouraged me to try things I wouldn’t have otherwise tried. All in all she helps me to be a better person and I would be a little bit lost without her, I couldn’t be prouder to call her my girlfriend.

One year so far and many more to come, I can’t wait to seeexperience the memories we will look back on in years to come. I am lucky tohave the memories we have made so far and I will be even luckier to make morewith her.

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  1. Andrew Richards Jr Avatar
    Andrew Richards Jr

    You guys are what I call special individuals you take the word happiness to a whole new level. God bless see you both soon x


    1. Thank you! Hope to see you soon!


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