I made a promise to myself just before we went to Norfolkthat once both of our holidays were over I would get stuck back in to thethings I enjoy because I had slowly but surely stopped doing a lot of them orstopped making time for them.

These are the things I would like to do more of throughoutthe rest of this year:

  • Write more frequently on this blog
  • Make more videos on my Youtube channel
  • Take more photos
  • Explore more places
  • Get back into the gym and exercise more /generally be a little bit healthier
  • Read more

I think that it is far too easy to get swept up by day today life and then end up neglecting the things you enjoy doing.

I have taken a few small steps to help myself getting backinto the things I enjoy. Over the next week or so I am going to take the leapand invest in a new laptop and update all my editing software. My currentlaptop is slowly but surely dying , it was a bit of an impulse purchase so itisn’t really built for the things I use it for and whilst it is holding outright now I am not sure it is going to hold out much longer.

I have been working on creating little montage videos on my YouTube channel as I really enjoy capturing video clips and turning them into little (sometimes long) videos to look back on. Hopefully once I have purchased my new laptop this process will become easier and I will be able to create more videos.

I have recently started sharing photos on my ‘photography’ Instagram again as I always find myself taking photos whenever I go somewhere and just accumulate them on hard drives or they end up somewhere in the cloud never to be seen again. So I have restarted my little creative space on Instagram and am hoping to keep it up and invest some more time into it.

Having just come back from Krakow (which was amazing and I’llcreate a few posts about this later) I have definitely caught the bug ofwanting to explore more and go on more adventures. I definitely want to startexploring more around where I live as I am sure there are plenty of hiddenspots that I haven’t yet ventured to as well as there being an endless list ofplaces further afield I want to explore.

Knowing that I have Brighton marathon creeping up on me, April2020 seems very far away but I know that it is going to come around veryquickly. I set the 1st of July as the start of my preparation forthe marathon and the beginning of my Brighton marathon journey and am trying toslowly get healthier and fitter. There is definitely a long way to go.

One of the things I really struggle to do and I know isreally good for me is to sit down somewhere quiet and to just read. So I wouldreally like to get stuck in to some of the books I have had sat on my bookshelffor far too long.

This has been a bit of long rambling post but it will beinteresting to look back at this post at the end of the year and see if I havemanaged to keep up with all of these things.

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