As I have neglected this blog for a while there is quite a few things I want to include and catch up on as I would have included them at the time they happened. So every Thursday I am going to post about something I have done or somewhere I have been whilst I wasn’t keeping up with this blog to bring you all up to date with my life. These things aren’t going to be in a specific order and I am going to start with when we went to Krakow, Poland…. Here is day one of the adventure!

Day 1 of Krakow, Poland (21st June 2019)

We had to be up super early as our coach was at 4.30am to Bristol airport. We attempted to get an Uber to the coach station but the driver called to confirm the journey and then cancelled it as soon as he hung up (this was less than ideal). We then had to try and get a taxi from Dragon taxis luckily that went a little bit smoother apart from the fact I put the journey in to the app the wrong way round, luckily the taxi driver rang me and we managed to sort it out so that we made the coach in time!

I managed to see a pretty decent sun rise whilst we were on the bus but Marysia took the opportunity (like I should have) to nap.

We arrived at Bristol airport at around 6am and we didn’t have any bags to check in for the flight so we headed straight for security. Luckily for us the airport wasn’t that busy and we flew through security and spent a small fortune on a couple of drinks and polos. We then found a spot to sit and wait where we could see the screen ready for when the gate was announced. I ventured off to get a chocolate twist and an iced tea.

Our flight was over pretty quickly and when we landed in Krakow the weather felt 100 times hotter than the UK. We didn’t have pick up any bags so we went straight through and headed straight for the train. Luckily we didn’t get lost and we made it to the biggest shopping centre I have ever seen where we met Marysia’s parents.

After we headed back to the apartment and got rid of our bags, refuelled our bellys we went to explore a little bit. We had the biggest ice creams I had ever seen, looked around the Main Square of the Old Town, had a drink and caught a glimpse of Wawel Castle.

Day one felt like a very long day because of how early it had started but I loved what I had seen of Krakow already and was looking forward to exploring even more!

Krakow, Day 1

I will be posting day 2 of our Krakow adventures next Thursday at 6pm, so make sure you come back if you want to find out what else we got up to!

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