I spent most of the week looking forward to the weekend which is basically all that this blog post is going to be about. Mainly because I feel like I lived in work for the rest of the week!

On Friday I went to town as I had decided to take my old laptopto CEX as I wouldn’t be doing anything else with it and it would just end upsitting collecting dust. I then had a little wonder around town and picked afew things up I needed, I also went to Chopstix for lunch and had a littleamble around a few other shops. When I got home the t-shirts I had ordered for myparents, Marysia and I had arrived which I can’t wait to see everyone wearing asthey look really good!

Saturday was the day I was most looking forward to this weekend as Marysia and I had tickets to the Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N in Cardiff which we had bought months ago. We went and had a look a look around town and we bought a few bits – I got an Avengers sweatshirt from the Disney store which was originally £40 and I paid £11.99 for it so I thought that was a bargain!

Before we went into the exhibition I wasn’t really sure what to expect as I didn’t want to spoil what we were going to see by looking up the event online. I have also only just recently got into the Marvel films so I was quite excited to go. The way that it is set up is really clever and I really liked the fact that it was an interactive exhibition with the costumes and props of each character. All of the costumes had appeared in at least one of the films. There were also a lot of photo opportunities throughout the exhibition!

Once we had finished looking around the Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N we went and got a couple of cold drinks in Starbucks – I think I preferred Marysia’s to mine!

We then headed over to the Cosy Club for dinner which neither of us had been to before. It was a really cool quirky little restaurant/ bar and it was really busy so I was quite glad we had booked a table. The food we had was really tasty, the only thing I was disappointed by was that the candle on our table wasn’t lit, so as ratings go that’s not a bad thing to lose points on!

On Sunday Marysia had an eye test booked and I helped her to pick out her new glasses. We then went to Asda to get the bits and pieces we needed to make a roast dinner before heading back to hers. We had a bit of a chilled afternoon whilst I made the roast dinner. We also watched the netball world cup match between England and South Africa which they were competing for 3rd place.

I’ve had a great weekend and was good to spend time with Marysia doing something different. I am now back in work but am going to visit my family on Friday so I am really looking forward to seeing them and spending some time with them. However I am not looking forward to the 5am bus that much!

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