Welcome back to another throwback Thursday post. This time I am going to go back to our holiday on the Norfolk Broads which we went on a few weeks before we went to Poland.

Due to the journey from Cardiff to Norfolk being quite long,Marysia and I decided to split the journey up a little bit. This meant we extendedour holiday by one night as we stopped off in Cambridge. We stayed in a Travelodgeby the train station and considering the location of it and the fact that it isin Cambridge it was quite cheap!

As the weather was quite warm and we had spent a few hoursin the car driving down to Cambridge we decided that once we got to the hotel,we would have a little bit of a walk around the city centre. For me thisbrought back a few memories from when I was younger as I hadn’t been to thebacks in quite a while. It also gave Marysia a chance to see the more famousbits of Cambridge.

We managed to join in with the rest of the tourists takingphotos and ambling along the river Cam, although I wasn’t much use when it cameto answering Marysia questions about the buildings, I definitely need to improvemy local history knowledge!

We ended up crashing quite early as it had been quite a long day of travelling and Marysia wanted to be up early so she could see the Game of Thrones finale before we set off on The Broads.

I will continue with our Norfolk Broads adventures next week when I talk about collecting our boat from Richardsons so make sure you check back next week if you want to find out what we got up to on the Broads.

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