I can’t believe that September is here already and we are about to enter Autumn! I thought I would write a post about my favourite things from August.

I have probably included this before but because summer is coming to an end and I enjoy a nice cold cider in the sun I thought I would share my current favourite cider. I am still enjoying Brothers Toffee Apple Cider. Its got a really nice refreshingly sweet taste and I have been recommending it to everyone!

I thought I would share this reed diffuser from Aldi as I managed to get it on offer, and it smells really good (this is the pomegranate one). I leave my room closed whilst I am at work and the smell fills my room when I get home, plus it has managed to last all month so far (the box states it should last a couple of months).

Due to the good weather we have had this month I have beenenjoying ice cream quite a lot. I don’t think you can beat eating a Mr Whippyice cream watching the world go by!

I have struggled to find a TV show to get in to recently as the things I am into are currently on a ‘break’. Marysia suggested I give Downton Abbey a go so I finally bit the bullet and I have since spent many evenings sucked into a dark hole and losing track of the time whilst I watch several episodes! It’s safe to say I am enjoying it and Maggie Smith is hilarious in it.

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Recently Marysia and I went to see The Lion King in the cinema which is a remake. As I said in a previous post, I didn’t think they would be able to remake this classic in a way that did the original justice. I think they managed to pull it off quite well and would recommend going to see it.

I recently tried Calamari whilst Marysia and I went to have lunch – I ended up really enjoying it. Not long after I read an article about the Gower Seafood Hut so Marysia and I gave it ago. We had calamari and some crispy chilli prawns both of which were really tasty.

I am hoping to keep these favourites posts up for the rest of the year so make sure you keep an eye out to find out what I enjoyed during this month.

4 responses to “August Favourites”

  1. Those crispy chilli prawns look amazing! I can’t believe we’re in Autumn already. Summer felt like it’d never end!


    1. They were really tasty! I know te end of the year will fly by now.


  2. Toffee Apple Cider is what first got me into cider! I really miss it from the days when I could drink.


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