Our first full day on the Norfolk Broads started by waking up at How Hill. For some reason whenever we go away to the Broads, I wake up early, I guess I like to make the most of my surroundings!

As it was our first morning, we decided to have a slow start, so I made a fry up for us before getting ready for the day.

Once we were ready to set off for the day we set off down towards our first stop of the day, Stracey Arms Mill.

I always like stopping off here as there is a cute little shop with loads of different little bits and pieces to look at.

This is usually the place I buy any souvenirs I want to get. Plus there are usually a few animals wondering around. For some reason it is always quite windy at Stracey Arms Mill, probably because it is the last major stop before Great Yarmouth.

After we had finished wondering around at Stracey Arms Mill we piled back on to the boats and set off towards our next stop of the day, Great Yarmouth.

I love going to Great Yarmouth whilst we are on the Broads as it always reminds me of the seaside places we used to go to when I was little.

We had a walk around the town and picked up some rock before going to the seafront to get some fish and chips.

I also got an ice cream before we went back to the boat. From one of the stalls on the seafront.

We had decided that we didn’t want to stay in Great Yarmouth over night so we continued on with our journey a little further. This meant I had to navigate across Breydon Waters for the first time, it was a little bit terrifying but I was so proud of myself once we had got over it.

We were following my Dad for what felt like days before we got to our final stop of the day! We eventually moored outside of the Reedcutters Pub where we had a few drinks and a couple of games of pool.

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