On our third day exploring the Norfolk Broads we set off from the Reedcutters Pub in Cantley for a slow leisurely cruise down to Norwich.

We had another lucky day with the weather and could enjoy the sights as we arrived at Norwich Yacht Station.

We got off The Jollie Richie and went into Norwich to explore a little bit with my parents. The yacht station is only a short walk from the city centre which makes it nice and easy to get to.

Our first stop was to have a look around the market. Norwich market is the largest permanent undercover in Europe. There is plenty to look at, although we didn’t buy anything here it was still good to have a look around. My Mum and Dad bought some prawns and from on of the stalls as we were heading further into the city centre.

There are quite a few interesting buildings in Norwich, we stopped to have a look at a few of the churches one of them being St Peter Mancroft.

When we met back up with my parents who were waiting for us a little bit further back, they were stood looking at the Batmobile.

It was impressive to see such an iconic vehicle up close,and it was clearly well looked after!

We then continued our walk around some of the shop having a look around before heading back towards the yacht station with a little pit stop to take some photos of Norwich Castle.

Before we left Norwich yacht station, we had an ice cream and then set off back on our way to find somewhere to moor for the night.

We eventually decided to stop at Postwick Warf. Once we had safely moored up I made a chicken chow mein for for everyone. We spent the evening playing a few games before calling it a night.

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