As we had spent the night moored up outside Pedros we decided to have a look inside the shop there, plus I wanted to try one of their ice creams as I had seen some photos online of them. We bought a few souvenirs; I got my ice cream and got some Norfolk bacon and sausages for breakfast!

We then set off to have a bit of a cruise along the river. We decided to take the opportunity to have a look around St Benet’s Abbey as the moorings were pretty empty and they can get busy here quite quickly.

Marysia and I had a walk up to the Abbey and had a look around whilst my parents relaxed on their boat. I still find the ruins intriguing, particularly trying to imagine how it would have looked all those years ago.

After we had explored St Benet’s Abbey, Marysia and I decided to have a walk up to Ludham Bridge. It was very hot! But we found our way across the fields and popped into the shops where we picked up some bits for our dinner.

Once we made it back from our walk, we joined my parents on their boat watching the world and other boats go by. We also decided to spend the night moored up there as we were enjoying relaxing and soaking up the sun.

I then made us all spaghetti bolognese for dinner. Once we had finished dinner, we played a few games of Uno before my parents went back to their boat. We managed to watch another great sunset before heading off to bed.

4 responses to “Throwback Thursday: Norfolk Broads Day 5 – Acle Bridge Inn to St Benet’s Abbey”

  1. This looks beautiful! What a beautiful adventure you are on!


  2. Oh I love The Norfolk Broads! My boyfriend and I have had 2 boating holidays there and we’re hoping to go again next year. It’s such a peaceful holiday. Although we’ve had so much fun boating, we’ve never actually got off to explore! x


    1. We’ve been for the last 3 years and are going back next year. I just love the peace and quiet and just being able to take in all of the scenery


  3. Boss Babe Chronicles Avatar
    Boss Babe Chronicles

    Looks lovely! I bet those sausages were great!


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