I think it is safe to say that autumn has well and truly setin. I think this is my favourite time of year to get outside and enjoy all thechanging colours.

Recently I had started to feel a bit bogged down and Marysiaalso mentioned that I didn’t seem myself. Whilst I was trying to get myself outof this rut, I decided that I needed to do something that I hadn’t done in awhile. That something was to take myself out for a long walk with a camera and justenjoy being in the outdoors.

So, on the 6th of October I worked out a route to St Fagans National Museum of History, put some snacks in a backpack with a water bottle and set off.

I always forget how much I enjoy being outside. I was lucky that the weather was sunny and whilst it wasn’t cold the air was quite crisp. I wasn’t feeling as though I wanted to be around people as I just wanted to get lost in the music I was listening to and taking photos. I was lucky because it was quite quiet when I visited St Fagans, I think this was mainly down to it being a Sunday and also the fact it was still quite early when I arrived as when I was leaving it was starting to get a lot busier.

By the time I had finished my walk and arrived back home I had managed to walk over 15000 steps which was just over 10km. During this walk I managed to see St Fagans Castle and the Castle Gardens.

I chose to stick to this side as I wanted to see all the changing colours in the grounds. Plus, I thought it would be busier around the shops as there is more to look at for children.

I was particularly surprised that there was still a lot of flowers within the grounds as there were quite a lot of leaves already falling from the trees.

This is the second time I have been to St Fagans since living in Cardiff. I think I am going to try and go more often as there is so much to see and take in. I am going to try to go back a bit closer to Christmas to see if they decorate or do anything for that time of year as I think it could look really pretty.

I am also in the process of finding more places to explore over the next few months as I really enjoyed being able to take photos and just get lost in the outdoors.

If you want to see any more of the photos that I took whilst visiting St Fagans head over to my Instagram @photosbystaceyjhubbard

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  1. Such beautiful scenery, seems like a great walk.


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