We are now in the final 2 months of 2019, this year has flown by, and once again my blogging efforts have started to slide. So rather than let the situation escalate I thought I would jump in with post looking back over October and what I got up to.

I started the month off treating myself to a tablet upgrade – I am now the proud owner of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet S6. I am absolutely in love with it and love the new features and little tweaks that have been made from my previous one, which was the Samsung Galaxy Tablet S4. I have now rehomed my old tablet and gave it to Marysia as she didn’t have a tablet and though she would benefit from it more than the inside of my cupboard.

I also decided to take myself off for a walk to St Fagans which I have already shared here so I will keep this section brief. I really enjoy going for a walk and it is made even better when you have a place with beautiful grounds and interesting building within a 45 minutes walk of where you live! It felt good to just enjoy my surroundings, take some photos and spend some time alone away from technology.

I have also finally managed to watch Toy Story 4 this month! I absolutely loved it. The story was very well written for the older audience who have grown up with the films as well as the newer audience. I also think it is amazing to see how the animation has improved since the first toy story.

Marysia and I have also started the autumn season with plenty of cosy weekend in, watching rubbish TV, taking Boris out and eating roast dinners.

We also finished the month off by meeting up with my brother and sister in London for Comic Con. I am going to write a full post on which will be posted soon so I don’t want to share too much here. Although I will say even though it was a very long day with a lot of travelling we had a great day and came home with some great bits and pieces.

I am definitely looking forward to this month, not only is it my birthday this month but I am also have a few other adventures planned. Plus the build up to Christmas begins and I can’t wait to get all caught up in all things festive.

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