I can’t believe that the first of December is here, but I amalso very excited that it is! Christmas is my favourite time of year. I lovehow cosy everything is, putting up the Christmas decorations, watching Christmasfilms cwtched up under a blanket with a hot chocolate…. I can’t wait for itall. One of my favourite things to do at Christmas time is to go and walkaround a garden centre and have a look at all of the Christmas decorations andlights.

I have tried many times over the last few years and failedmiserably to participate in blogmas. This year I have prepared a little bitearly and spent a little while coming up with ideas. I am hoping the preparationworks and I can complete it for the first time this year.

For those who watch YouTube, blogmas is a bit like vlogmasjust in the written format. You will find a new blog post here every day in thebuild up to Christmas… A bit like a blog advent calendar.

This means you will find 24 blog posts (this one included)from now until Christmas Day. I will be aiming for each post to go up at 8am sothat you can read it at whatever point throughout the day that suits you – on thebus to work (or on the way to Christmas shopping), wrapping presents or simplya quick read during the ad break of a Christmas film whilst drinking a Baileys.However, you choose to keep up to date, whenever you choose I am lookingforward to you joining me on this build up to Christmas.

I can’t wait to spend the next few weeks talking all thingsChristmas, is there any Christmas themed posts that you would like to see here?If there is make sure you let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I cando!

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