I have always found that I look forward to Christmas and there are so many reasons why I look forward to it each year.

Everyone always describes me as a big kid, and I think I really get to embrace that side of me without people judging me for it as much.

One of my all time favourite things about this time of year is the fact that everywhere always looks pretty with all of the decorations up. I love seeing the lights in the city centre and all of the decorations. Plus it is also really fun putting up your own decorations up at home as it feels so cosy coming home from work with the Christmas tree up and all the little ornaments scattered around.

It is also really good to be able to walk into different coffee shops like Costa or Starbucks and trying the different festive drinks and treats (I have already sampled my fair few this year – I think Greggs’ mint hot chocolate is one of my favourites so far!). Plus when you have a trip to the supermarket there are always little festive additions to the bakery section and also in the sweets section.

I also love that everything is just so much cosier (is that even a word?!) at this time of year. I am quite happy to spend my Sunday evenings cwtched up on the sofa under a blanket watching a Christmas film (or three) with some snacks and a cups of tear or hot chocolate.

But then if you want to be out and about there is always something to do too, there is always someone you need to catch up with before Christmas, presents to wrap, decorations to sort out, prep for Christmas lunch or something else to tick off on your to do list.

I just love it and I cannot wait to embrace it all over the next few weeks!

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