I haven’t put together a ‘favourites’ post in a little while so I thought I might try and bring these back this year as I always like looking back over the past month at things I have enjoyed.

1. Gingerbread Hot Chocolate from Costa

I wrote a post about my favourite hot chocolates that were released for winter/ Christmas time. However I hadn’t yet tried this one and it was really tasty. Although I think enjoyed it more as it tasted way better than I was expecting it to be. Plus I quite liked the fact there was a mini gingerbread man on the top.

2. Crochet

In November I bought some wool and a crochet hook as I decided that I wanted to try something new. During December I got really into starting to make a blanket and find it a good way to relax after a day in work away from any screens.

3. Terry’s Chocolate Orange Sensations

Everyone has a favourite chocolate over Christmas and these are mine. Since they have been on the supermarket shelves I think I have had about 3 bags of them!

I will be making the favourites posts a monthly feature here. Next month I will hopefully be able to include a few more things to share with you that I have enjoyed throughout this month. So make sure you check back next month if you want see what I have been enjoying this month.

What have you enjoyed during December? Let me know in the comments.

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