Unfortunately last week I fractured my foot again. It is actually in the same place as I fractured it when I completed the London Marathon. So this means I am now unable to do the Brighton Marathon that I signed up to do in memory of my Granny and Granddad in aid of Cancer Research UK. This is because I am going to be in a moon boot for a while (most likely between 6 to 8 weeks) and then have have a little while of building up the use of my leg.

It is very frustrating.

However this time I am going to follow the advise I have been given properly as last time I didn’t, purely because the boot is extremely annoying and very difficult to get about in.

I am disappointed that I won’t be able to to do this marathon because I was looking forward to doing this in memory of my grandparents although I am planning to do something else to fund raise for Cancer Research UK later in the year.

Whilst it does feel like a bit of a set back to start this year off however I know that I can use this time in other ways.

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