There are a few things I still want to share here from when I neglected my blog at the end of last year. One of those being my 26th Birthday.

Marysia had organised what we were doing and had decided to take me to Plantasia in Swansea.

My day started by getting the train up to Swansea with a pit stop before hand for breakfast from Greggs. I decided to get a bacon roll and a mint hot chocolate (which was amazing!)

Marysia then picked up me up from the train station and then we went straight to Plantasia. When Marysia told me where she was planning to take me for my birthday I was really intrigued with how well an ‘indoor rainforest’ could be pulled off.

Before we were even half way round I was completely sold on the idea, a combination of animals, fish and plants surrounded by waterfalls, and many other sights and sounds it is very easy to get lost in the environment you are in.

There was definitely plenty to look at and would make a great place to go on a rainy morning.

We had great fun watching the meerkats but one of the most impressive sights for me was watching the snake unravel itself from the branches in its cage.

Once we had explored all the pathways and bridges of Plantasia we headed back to Marysia’s where I opened my presents, watched a film followed by birthday cake and Marysia cooking one of my favourite meals – spaghetti bolognese.

I had a really great birthday and loved doing something a little bit different. I think it is safe to say we both enjoyed it and would happily go back another time to have a walk around.


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