I was hoping for these weekly round up posts to be a little bit more exciting than they have started out. However my broken foot is making it difficult to do the things I usually enjoy doing which has mean I have been stuck in the house watching a lot of Netflix, drinking a lot of tea and video calling my parents to keep me entertained.

Just before Christmas I decided to sponsor a Guide Dog puppy and this week my welcome back arrived. Getting this in the post was such a good way to brighten up my week as I was definitely starting to get ‘cabin fever’ from being in the house. I chose a puppy called Cookie who looked just like the dog my Mum and Dad had when I was growing up. I enjoyed having a flick through the welcome pack which included a magnet, calendar, photo, photo album and certificate. I am looking forward to getting more photos of the puppy to add to the album and seeing how she grows and learns.

This week I have also properly started my diet as whilst my foot is broken I am hoping to lose a little bit of weight so that when it is finally fixed I can work on getting some of my fitness back.

I did also manage to get my room tidied up a bit more and clear my clothes out a bit too which felt productive, although I still want to cut it back a bit more.

However the majority of the week I was like this….

4 responses to “Week 2 of 2020”

  1. I’m glad that your guide dog pack managed to brighten up your day, I hope you are doing okay,


    1. Thank you, the broken foot is slowly but surely getting better!


  2. Oh no you poor thing – I hope your foot heals quickly. It sounds like you had some positive things to help you through the week though but I can only imagine what the cabin fever is like. Wishing you a speedy recovery!


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