The week started with a day off from work which was a great way to start the week – I mean who doesn’t like a Monday off from work! I spent the majority of the day working on my family tree and researching bits and pieces to join the dots between different relatives. I have found researching my family tree really interesting and have already found out some things that I didn’t know before. I also bought some new headphones which arrived on Monday, considering they aren’t ‘branded’ they are actually really good and fit in my ears quite well.

I was kept busy in work for the rest of the week which meant the time flew by until my next day off. I also spent my evenings setting up the new theme for this blog which I am quite happy with, although I still have a bit of work to do to finish everything off.

I had a half day in work on Friday which gave me enough time to get home and pack before getting a train to see Marysia in time for when she finished work. I think it is safe to say I misjudged my timings a little bit so had to wait at the train station for my train for a little while!

On Saturday I caught up on bit of TV and took Boris out for a walk whilst Marysia was at work. It was a little bit of a challenge getting Boris out of the flat with my broken foot but once we finally got out I think we were both glad of the fresh air! We didn’t venture too far and Boris definitely wanted to head off to the park after going down the lane but I wasn’t going to make it to the park and back again with my bad foot.

Before Marysia was due to finish work I put together a shopping list for meals that I would be making for the rest of the week as I am staying with her until Thursday. As soon as Marysia came home from work we went straight out to get the shopping, which we actually managed to do quite quickly. As soon as we got back from shopping I made our dinner which was a Chicken Tikka Masala from the Slim Fast website. It turned out okay although the sauce didn’t end up as thick as I expected it too.

On Sunday we had quite a chilled day which started off by having a healthy fry up which was another recipe from the Slim Fast website. Normally I would have multiples of everything so I found it quite surprising how filling this actually was!

Then whilst Marysia braved the cold for a walk, I stayed in as the ice wouldn’t have been a good combination with my foot and did some hoovering and tidying up. We then decided to head out to the shops as we needed some snacks for the rest of the week and I also wanted to see if Asda had any of the Disney plates which unfortunately they didn’t. The rest of Sunday was spent napping, and watching a film (Harry Potter… of course!) and starting Sex Education on Netflix.

All in all I had a pretty good week!

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