It’s Thursday so I thought I would do a little catch up from the end of last year – I promise I am nearly done catching you up and wrapping up 2019. Then we can get back to concentrating on 2020.

I was originally going to try and complete ‘vlogmas’ on my youtube channel which ended up proving to be a little harder than I originally thought (blogmas flopped here too). Apparently trying to enjoy the build up to Christmas, work full time and trying to video/ blog it all is actually quite hard!

As I did manage to get quite a few clips together from where I had tried to ‘vlog’ my way through December I thought I would mash them up into one video so that you can see them and I can look back on them.

December kicked off for me by opening my advent calendar and making a start with wrapping all of the presents.

I also put together a Christmas food shopping list for Marysia as we spent Christmas just the two of us this year (it was my first time cooking a Christmas dinner).

Marysia and I also had a very festive weekend which started with us trying a festive drink and cake from Costa.

We then put the decorations up in her flat, I also made us some monster hot chocolates and Marysia made an AMAZING banana bread.

We also went on a walk with Boris and stopped off for a McDonald’s before I caught the train home.

This was the only weekend we saw each other before Christmas to do something festive together. I think we definitely made the most of it.

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