I always find it interesting to look back and see what people have enjoyed reading on my blog. I thought I would share the top 10 posts of 2019 here.

10. 3 Years Since Posting My CSA Video

9. 5 Years

8. August Favourites

7. Throwback Thursday: Day 3 in Krakow, Poland

6. Throwback Thursday: Day 4 in Krakow, Poland – Part 1 Auschwitz

5. Hello 2019

4. Throwback Thursday: Norfolk Broads Day 1 – Stalham to How Hill

3. Throwback Thursday: Day 2 in Krakow, Poland

2. Expecting Too Much

1. #MeToo – 6 Years Since My Police Statement

I have enjoyed reading back over these posts whilst writing this one. I had forgotten about some of these so it was nice to have a trip down memory lane and have a little read.

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