In case you missed my weekly post last week, you can read week 5 here.

Unfortunately this week I didn’t get to see Marysia as our work rota’s didn’t really match up.

I started my week off in work however I did manage to see a really good sunset on my way home!

It was also the first time this year that I managed to achieve 10000 steps, which felt really good to accomplish.

I also managed to catch a great sunrise and sunset on Wednesday….

Thursday and Friday were my main days off from work this week and because I had been on the early shift all week it meant that I woke up early both days. However I made the most of it.

I had ordered a condenser microphone on Wednesday night from Amazon as I want to get back into writing Poetry and recording it. So Thursday I spent most of the day waiting for the parcel to turn up, I also rang my Mum and started to have a big sort out of my wardrobe and bedroom… I don’t understand how I acquire so much stuff, it just seem to appear from thin air!

As I got up early on Friday I decided to make the most of the extra hours I had gained by not sleeping in and go out for a bit of a walk. I decided not to push it too much as my foot has only just healed. However I did manage just under 4km which was pretty good going!

After I finished my walk I spent the rest of the day sorting out my room. I ended up feeling as though I had been super productive on my days off.

I was back in work on Friday and Saturday (It was a shame about Wales Six Nations result).

Sunday Storm Ciara hit and I decided that I wouldn’t venture out as the wind and rain sounded bad enough inside the house let alone being out in it! I had a nice cosy day, watched plenty of YouTube and Netflix (although I did fall asleep during the film I tried to watch) and planned when I am going to visit my family.

All in all I had a pretty good week and am looking forward to next weekend as we are celebrating Marysia’s birthday!

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