I am playing catch up yet again on this blog but I want to make sure that I do actually get all of my ‘weekly’ blog posts up here and I am looking forward to being able to look back on them at the end of the year.

My days off from work actually fell on Friday, Saturday and Sunday that week which meant I had Valentine’s weekend off from work. This worked well for Marysia and I as it was her birthday on the 13th and it meant we had the whole weekend to celebrate her birthday and also Valentine’s Day!

Before the weekend of celebrations started I caught up with my brother, he sent me a few photos of the things he had made recently. Before Christmas last year he started to get into leather crafting and has got quite good at it!

The 13th February was Marysia’s birthday however we were both working (although she did get an early finish) so we didn’t get to see each other until the 14th, Valentine’s Day.

On Valentine’s Day I had a pretty busy morning! I had to pick up a birthday/ Valentine’s present for Marysia, as well as some flowers before getting the train to see her.

Marysia greeted me at the train station with a card and a soft toy for Valentine’s Day to add to my ever growing collection!

We decided to spend the afternoon at the cinema where we watched Bird’s of Prey – this was a cinema release I had been looking forward to as I really enjoyed Suicide Squad.

We finished our Valentine’s Day with a spaghetti bolognese made by Marysia and is one my favourite meals.

When I asked Marysia what she would like for her Birthday she told me that she would like to go shopping and buy a few things that she wanted. So on Saturday 15th we headed off McArthurGlen for a shopping day.

We managed to get there quite early so we had a look in a few shops before stopping off for lunch at Wagamama’s.

After lunch we had a look in a couple more shops before heading home out of the rain as Storm Dennis was due to hit. Whilst we were shopping I picked up a bunny for Boris… it didn’t last 5 minutes before it was decapitated.

We spent the evening watching TV and managed to catch the Masked Singer Final which was one of those TV shows you don’t want to enjoy and then end up getting involved trying to guess who the singers are.

On Sunday I was due to head back home from Marysia’s but before I did made a beef stew, which considering the weather was very fitting.

My journey back home was quite long, due to the storm there was quite a bit of flooding on the train tracks. This meant I had to get a coach a third of the way, then the train stopped just outside of Cardiff for about 40 minutes due to more flooding. At one point we were going to have to wait for coaches to go the rest of the way before it was announced the flooding had subsided enough for the train to carry on.

The storm picked up quite a bit by the time I got to Cardiff and was very glad once I got home to have a hot shower and jump into bed!

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