I am still playing catch up with the weekly pots so here is what I got up to in week 8 of 2020!

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I spent the first half of the week working and it passed in a bit of a blur. After work on Wednesday I headed straight to the train station to stay at Marysia’s. As always seem to be the case when I go to hers during the week the train was delay! However once I finally arrived, later than planned, we spent a bit of time chilling out and watching the telly. Boris also enjoyed seeing the penguins on the program we were watching.

On Thursday I had a parcel being delivered for Boris as his 4th birthday was the following day.

We had a bit of fun playing with it once I managed to set it up. It’s really entertaining watching him try to get the treats out. I’m sure he thinks its some kind of treat vending machine.

If you are wondering I bought Boris the Trixie Dog Activity Turn Around which sounds way more impressive than the photo looks!

On Friday I chilled with Boris and made some pain au chocolat’s for breakfast, they were really tasty and I love it when I can eat them when they are still hot so the chocolate inside is still melted.

Marysia and I decided that it was probably best I left a bit earlier than usual on Saturday as Wales were playing one of their Six Nations matches at home and Swansea train station would be busy.

Fortunately I was there early enough to be at the front of the queue for the train and it wasn’t as busy as I thought it was going to be.

On Sunday I finished my week of being back in work. However I also managed to get my railcard renewed as it expired the day I came back from Marysia’s and it saves me a hell of a lot on my travel!

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