This is my last weekly post that I needed to catch up! It took a bit of work but we are finally caught up ready for the normal schedule to resume! Week 10 of 2020 will be posted tomorrow

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My days off were scattered all over the place this week and they didn’t match up with Marysia’s shifts either so I tried to have a chilled week.

My first day off from work was on Tuesday and I decided to visit Rachel. We had a bit of a catch up before I decided to catch the bus into town as I had a few things I needed to buy. The first thing on my shopping list was some cream for my face as it has been getting very dry and sore recently – I managed to get some aqueous cream which seems to be doing the job so far! Rachel asked me to pick up some sausage rolls for her from Greggs so I grabbed those before jumping back on the bus and heading back home. I popped down to give Rachel her sausage rolls and then came back home where I worked on this blog, which felt refreshing as I hadn’t written anything in a while so I worked on my review for Happy by Fearne Cotton.

On Friday Storm Jorge started to hit, I was in work and it was lucky that I wasn’t going to see Marysia that weekend as the trains started to get cancelled due to flooding on the train tracks.

I was glad to get home and cosy out of the rain once I got home as I knew I wouldn’t have to go back out in the bad weather over the weekend.

Fast forward to Saturday and it was a case of curiosity killed the cat. After scrolling through facebook whilst drinking my morning cups of tea I decided that I wanted to get out and have look at the carnage caused by Storm Jorge. The first place I came across that had been affected by the storm was Ely Bridge as the river had risen and flooded the top of the road.

After carrying on I decided to walk up through Llandaff fields into town to see Bute Park and how that had faired from the storm.

As I saw the River Taff I was amazed at how fast the river was flowing as well as how much water had flooded into Bute Park.

After I finished my walk I and took a few photos in Bute Park I decided to jump on the bus and head back home as I had a parcel on its way.

I had ordered some new pens from Amazon as I am trying to get back into drawing a bit more. I had some vouchers to spend and found a budget version of copic markers to give a go. The parcel actually arrived relatively early and I was quite happy with this as it meant I could try the pens out. I was really happy with the quality of them and smooth they are to draw with.

Sunday was St David’s day and I spent most of the day reading my book, Becoming by Michelle Obama, as I had finally got into it.

It took me while which surprised me as autobiographies I tend to enjoy a lot more than any other kind of book. In the afternoon I jumped on the bus and headed into town for a walk. When I got home I had a chilled evening catching up on Celebs Go Dating before crashing in bed.

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