I am so pleased to be finally back on top of these weekly posts! This week has gone by in a bit of a blur!

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The first half of this week was spent in work and it felt like I was always busy so when it came to having my first day off on Thursday I was definitely ready for it! I decided to spend my day at home trying to catch up on blog posts, and watching plenty of TV that I needed to catch up on. I got hooked on Murder 24/7 on BBC Iplayer during my previous days off work and found out I had more episodes left than I originally thought so I spend a few hours finishing that off.

I also had to wait in for a parcel from Amazon, I had ordered a new sketchbook and a set of art pencils as I want to spend more time sitting down away from a screen. Plus I think drawing has always been good for my mind. I spent the evening trying to get the hang of shading different shapes according the way the light lands on the object, it turns out its a little bit more difficult than it looks!

On Friday I really struggled to get myself out of bed. But once I had a cup of tea inside me I felt a little bit more human so I decided to venture into town for a bit.

I was originally on the hunt for some fine liners but I couldn’t find the ones I was looking for so gave up on that pretty quickly. I did however pick up a compass as I can’t find my old one.

Once I got back home I spent the rest of the day attempting to draw Carl and Ellie from Up. I was actually quite pleased with how it turned out although Ellie’s face isn’t quite right but it wasn’t bad for a first attempt.

On Saturday I dragged my feet getting up and ready, even though I was awake early I struggled to actually get myself out of bed. I decided to head back to town and have a wonder around.

I went out with the intention of treating myself to something but after walking in and out of what felt like every single shop in town I came to the conclusion that this shopping trip wasn’t going very well. I decided I would head home after a pit stop to pick up some snacks.

As I was back in work on Sunday I decided to have a pretty chilled evening watching some telly, I actually ended up heading to bed relatively early.

My week finished off by being in work. Although I did come home to a roast dinner which I demolished! I then spent the evening watching various YouTube videos and Ibiza Weekender before completely crashing.

2 responses to “Week 10 of 2020 – A Chilled Few Days”

  1. What a great delivery of art supplies! Sounds like a great few days


  2. Oh my gosh your photo of Carl and Ellie is SO GOOD!


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