I feel super organised writing this knowing it is going to go up on time as it is the first time in a while that I have actually managed this. Here is what happened in week 11 of 2020…

I actually only worked 2 days this week, which was quite nice and meant I got to do a few things that I had been meaning to do and been putting off. Plus I had a few things organised on my days of making it a pretty busy week.

The week started off by visiting my friend Rachel, but first I needed to have some breakfast. I opted for some marmite on toast – one of my favourites.

Once I had demolished my breakfast and got myself ready I headed off for a catch up with Rachel. I also played with Tommy and her dog Charlie.

Once I left Rachel’s I went home and made myself a cup of tea and decided to watch a film I wouldn’t normally watch however it is one of Marysia’s favourite films… Insidious.

I actually kind of enjoyed it although I did jump quite a few times.

I had booked Tuesday off from work as my new phone, the Samsung S20 Ultra, was due to arrive as I had ordered it a few weeks before. I spent quite a few hours refreshing my e-mails hoping for a notification that it had arrived at the store. I rang the phone company a few times before I lost the will to live and decided to venture off to Lidl and get myself some cookies as I had decided the phone wasn’t going to arrive. After getting back home I decided to phone the phone company one more time to be told my new phone had arrived the day before and I could go pick it up. Needless to say I jumped on to the first bus into town and picked it up. I was so happy when I got it home and got straight on to setting it up.

I was in work on Wednesday and Thursday and the only thing that really happened was I came out in some kind of reaction to my smart watch which then caused my wrist to blister and go all funky. It wasn’t pretty

Friday was a kind of busy day. I decided that I was going to bite the bullet and finally invest in a good quality smart watch as I have worked my way through various cheaper brands and have had varying problems with them. My main criteria was for it to have a fabric strap, a decent battery life and to be able to monitor my steps and sleep. I found I quite liked the Fitbit Versa 2 however it was quite difficult to find somewhere to have a physical look at it, I didn’t want to spend money on a watch that I hadn’t actually seen. After I had looked at it in Currys I went and found that Cex actually had one in stock which looked brand new and was quite a bit cheaper than what any other store was selling it for.

Before heading back home I stopped off at Sainsburys as I wanted to get myself some fresh orange juice.

After I arrived back home I set my new watch up, which took a bit longer than I expected and reset my old phone ready to send off to be recycled. Then a bit later Marysia arrived and we headed off back into town. We had a bit of a wonder around a few shops and then chilled in Starbucks for a bit. We then had to brave the rain and walk over to the Sherman Theatre as we had tickets to see Suzi Ruffell.

I had have never been to see stand up before and can honestly say my first experience was absolutely brilliant! My face hurt from how much I laughed.

We got back to Marysia’s quite late so we crashed as soon as we got in.

Marysia was actually working on Saturday which meant I was in charge of dinner and keeping Boris occupied. But before I did any of those things I needed to have breakfast. I thought that as I didn’t have dinner the day before I could definitely get away with going a bit over board with my breakfast.

This may have been a bit too over board, but I enjoyed it and that’s all that counts. Once I had breakfast I decided to head off to Tesco to pick up some bit for my lunch and to also get a few bits for dinner. I also rang my parents during my walk up to the shop as I hadn’t spoken to them for a while. Once I got back from Tescos I unpacked really fast, and put a few treats into Boris’s treat puzzle which kept him occupied for a little while.

Once he got bored with that I decided to take him out for a walk as it was actually quite nice outside and a I had a little while to wait for Marysia’s parcel to arrive.

It turns out, according to my Fitbit, that I fell asleep for two hours after my walk with Boris. I don’t think it was actually that long, at least it didn’t feel that long. I finished the day off by making dinner for Marysia and I which was fajitas, we then watched Lost Girls on Netflix before heading off to bed.

My week ended by getting up early with Boris so that Marysia could have a bit of a lay in after working on Saturday.

I think we actually ended up waking her up playing fetch with Boris’s squirrel – it’s the thought that counts, right?! Once Marysia woke up we went to have a look around a few shops and trust me when people say there is no toilet roll or hand sanitiser anywhere they are not wrong. Luckily we didn’t go out for any of those things and I came away with a pretty decent selection of snacks!

After battling through the panic buyers we went back to Marysia’s to chill for a bit before I had to head back home. After a rail replacement bus, a train and another bus I finally arrived home where I demolished a roast dinner, some cake and cup of tea.

My week finished off by packing my suitcase ready to travel to my parents on Monday night/ Tuesday morning.

All in all I had a pretty good week, even if it was quite busy. I’m looking forward to next week and visiting my family as I haven’t seen them in a while.

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