On Monday I had my first day working from home. I found it quite strange as I obviously didn’t have to travel to work and talking to my work friends via an instant messenger definitely isn’t the same as speaking to people face to face. However I did find that I am a lot more disciplined at home than I am in work as I thought I would be more distracted.

I did have a few technical issues, mainly because the O2 network was overloaded due to the volume of people trying to use it whilst working remotely.

On Monday evening this then happened…

I don’t think the ‘lockdown’ came as a shock to many people here in the UK seeing as the social distancing measures were not being followed by a large portion of the population.

This announcement from the Prime Minister also meant that my stay in Cambridge is definitely going to be significantly longer than I had originally planned.

As Tuesday was my day off from work I didn’t really do a lot. I attempted to have a lay in, which was quite difficult as I am sleeping on a sofa bed in my parent front room and everyone gets up at different times.

I spent the rest of my morning watching day time TV with my Mum before we decided to watch a film in the afternoon. We settled on ‘This Christmas’ as it is a film we had both been wanting to watch for quite a while.

I was working Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so the majority of my day was spent sat in my parents room out of the way. However on Wednesday morning I enjoyed my morning cups of tea out in the garden and it was quite nice to enjoy being outside before everyone else got up.

On Saturday I woke up relatively early so made everyone a cups of tea ready for when they got up, washed up from the previous nights dinner and made breakfast for everyone. Although I did manage to trip the electric by accident.

After I had some breakfast Marysia and I spent some time catching up properly by having a video call. Not being able to spend time together is really frustrating but I am looking forward to being able to see her when all of this is over! The rest of the day just seemed to disappear and I didn’t really do a lot with it other than scroll through every single social media app on my phone. I did order cheesecake from LO’s Cheesecake Emporium and they were super tasty!

My evening was spent playing a few driving games on my laptop where I discovered that I am not very good at driving.

On Sunday I started my day by drinking my cups of tea out in the garden. I then spent the rest of the day napping on the sofa and eating snacks.

I have found through that I am not very good at being productive in these circumstances and I really do rely on structure to keep me going. With my routine out of sync I am finding it very difficult to get motivated to do anything!

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