It’s been a while since I have written once of these weekly posts, in fact the last time I wrote one of these weekly posts was just after the UK lock down was announced.

I haven’t written here as my Nan passed away on the 13th April 2020 after being diagnosed with Covid-19. I didn’t really know what to say here so left it as a kind of blank page. My Nan was one of those people who, in my mind, was going to live forever. She always made us laugh and I have so many memories with her, it is so heartbreaking that after every other hurdle and set back that this was what took her. Although I hope that she has found her way back to my Grandad again.

My Nan

After my Nan passed away I struggled to get back to this blog and I struggled to really do much of anything. I was angry that she should still be with us and this virus took her away and I struggled to really concentrate on anything. It’s weird when you think for you the whole world stopped spinning for a while but all around you life carries on.

I was trying to focus on the things that are coming up, but the pandemic is slowly resulting in events being cancelled or postponed.

So instead in focusing on those things I have tried to get into a routine and do things I enjoy to keep myself distracted. So far I have started to learn the things I need to know to complete my theory test once lock down is lifted. I am picking it up a lot quicker than I thought I would, although I am not as good at the hazard perception side of it.

I have also been reading quite a bit and completed two books so far. I have also done a few jobs for my Mum around the house, one of which involved pulling an old rabbit hutch apart and ended up with a stray screw going in my arm! However I did manage to get it all taken apart and into the skip once the injury was all sorted.

Some days I really struggle to get motivated to do anything, other days I feel as though I can accomplish everything on my to do list. I never feel like I have any middle ground!

Now that I have started posting here again I hope I can keep up and find something to write about whilst the lock down continues.

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