I finally started writing my weekly blog posts last week and think I managed to get back up to date.

This last week seems like a bit of a blur. To begin with time seemed to be going really slow during the lockdown. But now it appears to be doing the opposite – I blink and seem to have missed the whole day.

This week I have been working a later shift with work so I get a bit of spare time in the morning before I start. On Monday I made the most of this time to enjoy a slower start to the day and a cups of tea.

On Tuesday I was off from work and went to Tesco’s for the first time to d some food shopping. It was more like trying to complete Crystal Maze trying to remember what I needed to buy and go the right way around the shop. In the end I decided I had found enough of the things people mentioned we needed and headed headed to the till to leave.

A lot of people have been making the most of the fact we are allowed to go an exercise however I haven’t and have stayed confined to the house since lockdown started. I decided that I needed to get out (after a bit of convincing from Marysia) I went for a walk for the first time since lockdown started.

I actually really enjoyed it, plus it was good to have a change of scenery, I am lucky my parents live in a village with footpaths around it so I went off over the fields and didn’t see a single person.

I finished the day off by cooking a BBQ for my family.

After how much better I felt from my walking on Tuesday afternoon I decided to make the effort of getting out for a walk before I started work on Wednesday.

I was quite glad to get out early as it was already getting quite warm! I made it down to the river and it was really peaceful.

I finished the day off by making fajitas for my family. They were really tasty and I enjoyed them a bit more as I hadn’t had them for a while.

On Thursday I started the day off with a walk before work but decided to go down a different path.

It was a little bit overgrown and I did manage to get caught up in some stinging nettles however it was nice to explore somewhere different and I even saw a swan at the edge of the river.

On my last day of ‘late’ shifts on Friday I started the day with a walk again but this time I decided to for a walk around the village instead of over the fields as it was cloudy and kept spitting. I managed to get a little bit of a quicker pace. Although I do think I prefer the scenery of walking over the fields.

In the evening I downloaded the Countdown and Tenable apps to play. It turns out I am better at the numbers rounds than spelling on Countdown!

I had the weekend off from work this week so on Saturday I went to my Nan’s bungalow to do some gardening and keep the place looking tidy. Although it started chucking it down out of nowhere and stopped us mid way so we only got some of it done.

I then spent the afternoon catching up on Greys Anatomy. Barney and Bertie’s birthday present arrived… however they didn’t get the hang of it as quickly as Boris did! But it was really funny watching them trying to get the treats out. During the evening I started to get a headache so had a bit of a chill in the bath.

I woke up with the headache on Sunday but decided to go for a walk around the village in he hope that some fresh air would help to shift my headache. Whilst I was out on my walk I found a board with historic information about the village which I have never noticed before.

I spent the rest of the day finishing catching up with Greys Anatomy and also caught up on Station 19. My headache continued throughout the day and eventually forced me to bed early

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