Last week I spoke about how I had been enjoying going for a walk and ended the week with a headache.

In all honesty not a lot has changed this week, I guess that is what happens with the lockdown in place. However there was an announcement that the rules are starting to be lifted in England, and are slowly being lifted in Wales.

This week started with Monday being a bank holiday. My day was pretty chilled and started off with a walk down to the river.

This has definitely become one of my favourite ways to start the day and makes me feel so much more productive with my day.

The rest of the day was spent in the garden with my parents and ended with a BBQ.

One Tuesday I had a half day in work so after a few hours working I went over to my Nan’s bungalow with my Mum to tidy up the garden and get it ready for the estate agent to take the photos.

I was off on Wednesday and started the day with a cups of tea followed by a walk down to the river again.

Once I was back from the river I followed a dumbbell workout outside which I actually really enjoyed.

On Thursday we went back to my Nan’s to finish of the garden. Other than that I had a pretty quiet day.

I was back to work on Friday so once I finished my shift I went for a walk over the fields and took a different route this time. I also managed to run quite a bit of it which I was really pleased with as since breaking my foot twice over the last 2 years I haven’t been able to run any sort of distance.

On Saturday I had to wait until the evening to go for my walk as I was working again. However I was quite happy to go in the evening as it was a lot cooler than it had been throughout the day.

The week finished off with celebrating Bertie and Barney’s 5th birthday.

I waited until my parcel arrived from Amazon which was for 2 sports t-shirts before I went for my walk in the evening. I also thought it would be better to wait until it cooled down a bit before heading out.

Whilst my weeks seem to be becoming much of the same thing, I am quite enjoying my new routine. It feels good to get out for some exercise and not be glued to a screen. I am going to start trying to find some podcasts to listen to when I go out for my walk too.

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