The other weekend Marysia suggested we go on an adventure. Considering neither of us has ventured too far recently due to good old coronavirus it was good to get out and explore somewhere. Marysia has seen that the Rhossili Sunflower fields had opened and thought it would be good to go and check them out.

We got up and left quote early, to make sure we missed the crowds… And when I say ‘we’ I mean Marysia made sure I didn’t waste the whole morning in bed!

Considering the weather was meant to be pretty bad, we definitely lucked out! The sun was shining which made our walk up to the sunflower field so much nicer.

Once we got to the sunflower field I was surprised at how many people were already there as I thought we were early! The sunflowers had started to come out and I never knew that there were that many types of sunflower!

It was really weird but also really cool to stand in amongst the sunflowers which were as tall as me… some of them were even taller than I am!

Once we finished up exploring the sunflower field we went and explored a bit more of Rhossili Bay and walked up to Worms Head. The views were amazing and were definitely made even better by the sun being out!

We finished our walk before it got super busy and was really good to enjoy Rhossili Bay before all the crowds got there.

Hopefully we are able to go and explore somewhere else soon!

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