Last Saturday the weather was a bit wet and miserable but Marysia and I decided to try and make the most of it by visiting the Llanelli Wetlands Centre.

The main appeal for me wanting to go was I really wanted to see the flamingos, plus form the photos I had seen if the weather held up a little bit it would make a pretty good walk.

When we arrived the car park was pretty empty, which was probably due to the weather!

The whole process of getting into Llanelli Wetlands Centre was really easy with the coronavirus modification to their admissions process. I had booked us tickets online the night before and printed them out, which were then scanned at the ticket office. Whilst out tickets were scanned we had the option of purchasing some bird feed and a guide book – which of course we did so we knew where we were going and so that we could also feed the birds!

I don’t think the photos online can really show how massive this place really is and it would be so easy to spend a morning or afternoon here.

Even with the wet weather we managed to spend a few hours wondering around travelling through the different pens which were labelled up as the native places of the birds within them.

We also managed to see the flamingos which I was really happy about!

Other than the birds there was still a lot to see and look at. I can imagine photographers enjoying walking around Llanelli Wetlands Centre purely because of how pretty it is.

I would definitely like to go back on a warmer day as I think there would be a lot more to see from the various viewing platforms. However it is definitely worth the admission price and a great way to spend a few hours even on a wet day!

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  2. Awh this definitely sounds like a lovely day out. Despite the weather!


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