Well 2020 has definitely picked up a little bit since this time last week.

People have always said, ‘when you know you know’, but I always thought that was just one of those things people would just say. But it is true. After spending 4 months apart due to the lockdown it was confirmed in my mind that I wanted to take things to the next level. I may have browsed rings a few times already by this point.

We had a few adult conversations about the future and once I knew we were both on the same page

I had spent a few months looking at rings and trying to get some idea of what sort of ring Marysia would be happy wearing I managed to come up with a short list. I then had several virtual meetings with various jewellery shops trying to find the right ring. I have never felt so much pressure on a decision in my whole life.

Last Friday I picked the ring up, in the size I was hoping would fit her (as long as Marysia said yes). I am incapable of keeping a secret so there was a fair few people in on what I was planning. A few weeks before I picked up the ring I had spoken to Marysia’s parents, my parents and Boris about proposing to Marysia and everyone was on board with it and seemed very excited about it too.

Then the next day I had decided it was the right time to ask the question. So after we went for a wonder around Llanelli Wetlands Centre in the rain we then made a pit stop in Tesco to get a some food to make dinner and then I needed to put the last few steps into my plan.

I carried the ring around all day as I was absolutely terrified of losing it or Marysia coming across it. Although looking back it was probably more risky keeping it in my pocket all day!

Once we got back to hers we chilled for a while in the afternoon and I was trying to pick the right time, without giving away what I was planning.

I ended up leaving it really late, in fact it almost got too late. It got to the point where Marysia was going to get ready for bed and I had to stop her and get her to sit down… although she started off by saying ‘you’re not going to propose to me are you’ which is now quite funny because at the time she didn’t realise she had hit the nail on the head.

I started off by showing her this video, Marysia had mentioned to me that I hadn’t made a video for our two year anniversary so I made out as though I just wanted to show her the video I had made of some of our memories over the last two years.

If you watch the video you will notice the hint at the end, which is when I asked Marysia to marry me.

In case you are wondering…She said yes!

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  2. Huge congratulations you beautiful two xx


  3. Lovely ring. Congratulations 🎉


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