Normally at this time of the year I am getting ready to go to Pride in Cardif but this year it has been cancelled due to Coronavirus. This is the first time I haven’t attended Pride since I moved to Wales and it feels a bit weird knowing that Pride won’t be a part of my plans for the bank holiday weekend.

Ever since the first time I attended Pride in 2015, Pride has always been an important date on my calendar. Not only for obvious reasons, but more than that I love how everyone always comes together for Pride, it always feels like a happy place to be where I can be myself.

Over the last 5 years I have a few highlights from seeing Lucy Spraggan and Stooshe perform, to mine and Marysia’s first Pride together in 2018.

However I think my favourite year was last year. This is because I finally got to take my parents which was a great experience both for me and for them! I loved seeing my Mum get involved in the celebrations and the t-shirts they both wore were absolutely brilliant.

It is a shame Pride hasn’t been able to go ahead this year however I have enjoyed the virtual pride events which have been going on for the last week.

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