Here we go, I am 27. I think this means I am now officially in my late twenties now, which is a bit of a scary thought!

In the post when I turned 26 (a whole year ago) I set some goals for the year ahead:

  1. Keeping healthy and really using my gym membership
  2. Improve my finances – stop spending money on unnecessary things (Over the last few years I have improved with this but there is definitely still work to do)
  3. Collecting memories and not possessions
  4. Decluttering – I own a lot of ‘stuff’ and very little of it has any meaning so I would like to work on reducing my possessions and getting rid of the things I am holding on to for the sake of it.
  5. Do the little chores – I want to get better at reading my e-mails, making my bed, keeping my room tidy those little things that I just let slip over time.

It’s safe to say that Covid prevented some of these things, others I just didn’t do.

I am definitely make healthier choices in regards to my food compared to this time last year, I also eat a much wider variety of food too. However my gym membership didn’t make it – I actually made the decision that I wasn’t using it enough to warrant paying for it, so I guess this helped to improve my finances. I have definitely made a lot of progress with my finances and making more conscious decisions when it comes to money.

I try to declutter regularly however with a new house on the horizon I have started to collect up some bits and pieces we will need when we move so I guess you could say I have accumulated a few things that I don’t need right now. However they will be needed in the long run so….

I still put off the little chores but make more of a conscious effort to make sure I do get round to them eventually.

This year I am not going to be setting myself any goals as I tend to end up forgetting about them so will stick to setting smaller goals throughout the year.

Over the last 12 months I have definitely worked on myself a lot, I see myself as the biggest project in my life and that there is always something to work on. I really focused on this during lockdown. I really used that period of time to set the foundations towards the person I want to be.

I am definitely more confident in speaking up for what I believe in. I know more where I want my life to head and I am definitely ready to settle down and marry Marysia. Next year is definitely going to be an exciting year… hopefully Covid 19 plays ball!

I am finally feeling like the person I have always wanted to be.

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