I use Spotify quite a bit and always look forward to seeing the Spotify Wrapped stats in December.

I love being able to look back over the years to see how my music taste changes.

Although my listening time took a bit of a hit this year due to not really having a commute to work as a result of now working from home, but I was still looking forward to seeing my Spotify Wrapped this year.

As I hadn’t used Spotify as much as I would usually this year I had no idea who my top artists and songs would be. However looking at the results I am not surprised the Lucy Spraggan is at the top of my list this year!

I am quite surprised by my top 5 songs for 2020 though as I didn’t realised I had listened to 5 Seconds of Summer, Youngblood enough for it to be in my top 5 songs.

During the first lockdown I listened to a lot of podcasts so I am not surprised by my top 5 podcasts as they were pretty much the only podcasts I have listened to this year.

One response to “Spotify Wrapped 2020”

  1. What a cool way to see how the year shaped up. For podcasts I know mine would be All killa no filla, redhanded, morbid, casefile, true crime garage, I love true crime ones lol


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