Before knowing what 2020 had in store and the craziness that would follow I set myself 5 goals for the year.

It is safe to say that before even really reviewing these goals I know that I did not achieve them. However, I did make positive changes and steps towards fulfilling these goals.

1. Walk an average of 10000 steps per day

Before even looking at any of the data from my fitbit, which wont be the full picture of the year I got part way through the year, I know that I was quite a way off of hitting this goal. Lockdown definitely threw this completely off track but if I am totally honest even before lockdown I do not think I was on track to hit this goal.

My fitbit year stats for 2020:

However even taking the first two months of the year it averages out at 4235 steps per day which is quite a way off my target! That being said, I still think given the circumstances I did alright but will definitely try to increase it this year and be more conscious of how much time I spend sitting (or napping) compared to how much time I am being active.

2. Visit one new place each month

I think this one was definitely written off by the pandemic! Although we did manage to go to Rhossili Bay and see the sunflowers despite everything else that was going on at the time which was an achievement in itself!

3. Read 10 books

This is one of the goals that I was SO close to reaching and if I had really put a bit of extra effort in at the end of the year I would have nailed it.

I use goodreads to keep track of the books I read and make a goal every year within the app.

As you can see, I was only two books away, which I am kicking myself about. I have extended my goal to 15 books this year as I really think I will be able to achieve this particularly as I now have bookshelf filled and organised with books to be read. Plus, I am still working on minimising the time I spend on my devices before bed, so I feel this is an achievable goal this year.

4. No devices one hour before bed

As mentioned above I am still working on reducing the amount of time I spend on my devices before bed. I am definitely a social media scroller and get sucked into a blackhole before bed. For some reason means I lose several hours and before I know it I am going to bed at 1 or 2 am without even realising it!

This is one of those things that I have good intentions about but keep failing at.

I have tried and failed at different methods to get me off of my devices before bed however the one thing that does seem to be working is setting up the digital wellbeing setting within my phone. This setting mutes all of the notifications, alerts and calls as well as turning the screen to greyscale which really makes me put my phone down and get into bed.

I am not 100% at this just yet but the progress I am making is definitely making a difference.

5. Make healthier food and drink choices

This is something I became very conscious about particularly in the second half of the year. 2020 was definitely the year of the snack and I found myself wanting to eat ALL of the thing that were/are no good for me. I have also found that as I am getting older (as much as I do not want to admit it) my tolerance for unhealthy, fatty, greasy food is definitely not what it used to be so I have to limit the amount of those foods I eat. In a way it’s a good thing as I have to think about what I eat. Don’t get me wrong I still love my treats but I am more aware of having things in moderation.

I knew before starting out writing this post that the goals I had set were not going to have been as successful as I had hoped when setting them. However I have definitely learnt different things a long the way.

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