Making new years resolutions this year feels kind of wrong as we just do not know where the pandemic is heading and what restrictions will or will not be in place further down the line.

Especially after reflecting on my 2020 goals I have found that it is harder to set goals this year which I think will be achievable. I spent quite a lot of time really thinking about what I want to get from this year, what I wanted to invest my time in and areas I wanted to grow personally.

I managed to narrow it down to the following:

1. Exercise at least three times per week

My fitbit is currently set to workout 5 times per week. But I will be happy to exercise 3 times per week as this is more than I have been doing but will also encourage me to maintain a minimum level of exercise.  

2. Build my savings and increase my income streams

With my life moving forward and wanting to achieve different things in the future I have seen the importance more and more as I have got older. I will openly admit at one time I was not the most responsible with money whereas now I have a different head on my shoulders. As a result of this I have investigated different investment opportunities and income streams (not multi-level marketing before anyone asks) to help myself become more financially secure in the future as well as build up my savings which I know is so important.

3. Write and publish a book

This is something I have thought about doing for a very long time but have always pushed to one side. I love and really enjoy sharing my ideas however have never really organised my thoughts into a way where I feel they would be constructive for other people. I think I may have found a concept which would work and would love to get it out there. This goal may be a bit of a stretch but would be great to sit down and see where it takes me.

4. Create a consistent bedtime routine/ get enough sleep

This is something I worked on a lot during last year and am still working on now. I am guilty of late-night social media scrolling and falling into the YouTube blackhole. However, I have started to take steps to improve this as I know sleep is so valuable to me personally and how productive I am during the day.

5. Read 15 books

With my interests growing so much more around psychology and mental health I have found myself reading a lot more, plus I have a to be read shelf, which is overflowing, and I want to make a big dent in this year. I think reading 15 books is possible and within reach, hopefully I will be able to read more.

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