I had been SO careful not to catch Covid particularly after my Nan passed away following being diagnosed with it. I do not go out unless it is for a walk, I have food delivered rather than going to the shops, I wear a mask – I follow all the advice but I still managed to get Covid.

I kept a log of how I felt over the last few weeks as it helped to see when I started to feel better and certain symptoms appeared.

Thursday 4th February – tired, body aching, pain across shoulders, back and hip hurting

Friday 5th February – woke up with a tight chest

Saturday 6th February – Chest felt tight, breathing was a bit of a struggle, coughing, tired, headache (ordered a home test)

Sunday 7th February – Did test and sent it off, hard to walk up and down the stairs, making me breathless, food tasted weird

Monday 8th February – Very tired, headache, arm hurting, legs hurting, skin itchy, Test positive, freezing cold and shivering, hard to breathe, Track and trace called

Tuesday 9th February – tired, chest hurting, legs hurting, hardly any sleep, emotional

Wednesday 10th February – A lot of pain all over body, especially on the left side, feeling like a rubber band tied around the tops of my arm, extremely tired, left arm feels weak

Thursday 11th February – very tired, aching, sick, slept a lot, noticed I couldn’t smell anything, temperature starting to come down

Friday 12th February – queasy in the morning, very tired after doing anything, emotional, fed up of being ill

Saturday 13th February – Marysia’s Birthday – gutted I cant spent it with her, still coughing, chest still tight, tired when I move, rash on arm after shower, very queasy, temperature staying down

Sunday 14th February – very tired after eating, managed to eat more than the last few days

Monday 15th February – stuffy and headachy, temp still staying down, muscle twitches in legs, legs achy, tired

Tuesday 16th February – Out of Isolation. TIRED

Wednesday 17th February – Pains in legs overnight, bubbling sensation and twitching very tired this morning

Thursday 18th February – Feeling icky, and queasy, headachy

Friday 19th February – tired, noticed left hand side of body feels weaker than right side

Saturday 20th February – Stayed at Marysia’s, rested a lot with Boris

Sunday 21st February – managed to walk Boris with Marysia – very tired when I got home, fell asleep at half 3 for an hour, twitching legs and achy arms

Monday 22nd February – groggy first thing, very tired, achy in arms and legs, twitching in legs seems to be when I have become tired

Tuesday 23rd February – Stomach a bit queasy, tired, woke up early

Wednesday 24th February – achy legs

Thursday 25th February – Managed a walk on my own for the first time since getting ill, legs super twitchy when I got back

Friday 26th February – Managed to walk a bit further, legs twitchy, knee sore

Honestly, the last few weeks have not been fun, I have never felt so ill and run down in my whole life. That is not even an exaggeration! The whole of my isolation period I could not get out of bed even if I wanted to, everything hurt, and I was just so exhausted at times it was too much to even watch the television.

I am glad things are finally starting to get back to normal and am even more thankful that I had a mild version of Covid. I still have a few lingering symptoms such as getting worn out very easily if I push myself too much and getting out of breath quickly if I do too much but I am getting there – slowly but surely.

5 responses to “My Experience with Covid 19”

  1. Oh no! I’m sorry you had to experience Covid! It sounds like a horrible time, even as a milder case. I’m glad you’re beginning to feel well again.


    1. Thank you – I’m definitely glad to be on the mend


  2. I’m so glad that you got better, and I hope you will make a speedy full recovery. It’s sad that you took all the precautions and still got sick. Anyway, hopefully, the vaccine will end this whole thing.All the best, Michelle (michellesclutterbox.com)


    1. I really hope the vaccine will help things begin to return to normal!


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