Monday 21st June 2021

It has been an interesting start to the week! I was up early as I was back in work today however due to a fault with my work laptop I couldn’t do any work and am awaiting a replacement being sent out which should arrive on Wednesday. However I did make the most of the day and still ended up being productive.

After Speaking to the technical support team and establishing what was going to happen with my work laptop I started tidying up my room a little bit more. I also put up the last bookcase which made a massive difference to the side of my bed where I would usually just dump things as it is out of sight to the rest of the room. I also realised I do not need to buy anymore clothes for a little while as my wardrobe is very as is the chest of drawers, both of which could do with being cleared out a little. I also need to get some more hangers for my wardrobe as a lot of mine have broken.

I also cleaned all the surfaces in my room, and got rid of a lot of rubbish.

I went on a walk and stopped of via the shop to pick up a few things I forgot to get yesterday. I also took the opportunity on my walk to listen to some music.

Due to the fact my book collection seems to be expanding a lot I have started to catalogue my books so that if I am out and see something that I like the look of I can check the list I have made to ensure I don’t end up duplicating any books. Updating the spreadsheet I have made took up a lot of the afternoon but I am glad it is done now so that all I need to do is keep on top of it in the future.

Once I had completed making my book catalogue I made my dinner which was a marinated pork shoulder steak and vegetable rice. My healthier lifestyle started today although it has been a little bit difficult as I have a lot of snacks in my room and I want to dip into them all the time but so far I have resisted the urge!

My evening has been pretty chilled after having a shower I have watched an episode of In the Footsteps of Killers on Channel 4 whilst updating my to do list for tomorrow. I think I have finally found a system that works for me to ensure that I stay productive.

Tuesday 22nd June 2021

Even though I am still awaiting my work laptop to be replaced I was still up early and trying to sort through the mountain of emails I have had whilst I was on annual leave from work as well as trying to organise my inbox so it is easier to get to various bits of information when I need them quickly.

Over the weekend I ordered some photos from our wedding which have actually turned out really well. Now that they have arrived I am ready to start off the scrapbook Marysia gave to me as a wedding/ anniversary present.

I also joined in a meeting with the team I am joining in July which was good to get an idea of how they do things. Especially as every manager has a slightly different way of doing things!

I managed to get quite a few little jobs done today too – hoovered my room, tidied my clothes away, and popped down to Aldi to pick up some reclining camping chairs for Marysia and I.

Marysia and I also arranged for me to stay at hers from Sunday otherwise, with the way our work rotas are for the next few weeks, we wouldn’t be seeing each other for a while. So I sat down and worked out a meal plan for us for the week and put a food order in with Iceland which will arrive Friday ready to take when Marysia picks me up on Sunday.

Before the football kicked off this evening a tower extension lead that I had ordered from the prime sales arrived. I decided to swap over from my old extension leads to the tower whilst waiting for the football and it has made a massive difference. Not only does it look tidier and easier to work out which plug goes where it also has the ability to turn off different sections which arent being used – which is very useful for the various things I have set up for my computer, switch, work computer and various other bits.

I have tried and failed on multiple occasions to pick up my book and make some progress with it which I hope to actually do this evening whilst watching the Czech Republic v England game in the Euros.

Wednesday 23rd June 2021

I was up early 6am to be exact. As soon as I woke up I had my tablets and got dressed before heading out for a morning walk. I realised it was the first time in a while where I did that without thinking about being anxious or ‘preparing’ to go out. It was kind of refreshing to feel that way.

It’s been a busy day of tidying and sorting things out whilst waiting for my replacement work laptop to arrive. I managed to sort out my chest of drawers and reorganise them, and hoover my room before heading into town to get the things that I had on my shopping list.

Once I had got home I sat in the garden for a while reading my book, I am currently reading – Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig. It was quite nice to make the most of the sun whilst it made an appearance.

Once my work laptop arrived I spent a little while setting it up and making sure that everything was working ready for my shift on Friday.

After I ate my dinner I started to crash for the day so watched Fatherhood on Netflix which I really enjoyed. Once the film had finished I decided to flick through some YouTube videos before heading to bed.

Thursday 24th June 2021

I thought I would have had a lie in this morning but it turns out my body had different ideas and I was awake slap bang on 6am again. I decided to stay in bed for an hour before getting up and ready for the day.

I decided to head out again straight away for a walk before the rain kicked in. I had quite a quick walk with my headphones in and shutting the world out – I needed a little bit of time to get out of my head as I realised how much weight I have put on recently and started beating myself up a little bit as I had made quite a bit of progress during lockdown last year to get into a better shape. Once I got back from my walk I decided that I can get back to where I was and I just needed to focus and change my attitude towards exercise and food to ensure I don’t over indulge in too many snacks like I have been doing.

I had decided that today would be the day for finally working through all of my paperwork and clearing out the stuff I do not need any more as well as making a digital copy of important documents. It took a little longer than I thought it would but I am glad it is done now as it is one of those jobs I have been meaning to do for a while but not getting round to.

Once that was out of the way I sorted out the top of my printer which had become a bit of a dumping ground and is now A LOT tidier than it was.

I nipped to Aldi to pick up some chicken and the other bits I need to make my Nando’s meal kit tomorrow as I won’t have a chance to do that before dinner tomorrow. The I watched Trial by Fire on Netflix which I enjoyed and surprised me by how good it was.

The rest of my evening was spent getting ready for work tomorrow, showering, and winding down for a good night’s sleep.

Friday 25th June 2021

I felt a little bit groggy this mornign so it took a little bit of extra effort to get out of bed and going for the day but once I was up and out of bed I was okay.

Once I was dressed and my teeth were brushed it was time to make my morning cups of tea whilst my work laptop loaded up. Once that was up and running I flicked through my personal emails getting rid of the junk – I am sure there is more of it these days!

Work flew by this morning and before I knew it it was time for my lunch break where I nipped across to the shop to pick up some peas and sweetcorn for my dinner.

Again this afternoon flew by and before I knew it I was logging off the day. The shopping I ordered for Marysia and I for next week arrived whilst I was finishing my shift and thankfully Bev popped the frozen bits in the freezer for me so I just needed to run the cupboard stuff upstairs. Once that was sorted I got on with making my dinner which was a Nandos meal kit, cornflake chicken and rice, I was pretty impressed by it and will definitely have it again. I also have enough left over for my dinner tomorrow!

I spent the evening doing a boxing workout on my switch, catching up on Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 before heading in the shower and crashing for the night. I’ve got an early start in the morning as I have my last shift for the week starting at 7am!

Saturday 26th June 2021

I was surprisingly ready for my alarm to go off this morning considering it was a Saturday morning. I rolled out of bed and got ready for the day, whilst my work laptop was starting up I made myself a cups of tea and got myself sorted, about 20 minutes before I was due to start work my internet went down. I scrabbled around, restarted the router and after what felt like an age I managed to get back up and running just about on time for my shift.

The morning went by relatively quickly and being kept busy with work meant the time flew by, before I knew it it was the start of my lunch break which also signalled the start of my half day!

I ran (walked fast) down to Aldi to get myself a rack of ribs and chips for my lunch/ dinner as I REALLY fancied it. I also wanted a late lunch/ early dinner as the knockout stages for the Euro’s start with Wales playing Denmark (spoiler, Wales lost). I spent a bit of time between having my food and waiting for the football to start tidying up and getting myself ready for going to Marysia’s tomorrow. I also did one of the boxing workout’s on my switch and afterwards my energy was completely zapped!

The rest of my evening is going to be spent watching the Italy vs Austria game whilst reading a bit of my book. I won’t be up early as Marysia will be picking me up at 9 so I will be up early to make sure I am ready!

Sunday 27th June 2021

I was awake before my alarm this morning, the sun was trying to make an appearance but was being held off by a few grey clouds. I stayed in bed for a little while after taking my tablets before getting up as I had sorted all my stuff out for going to Marysia’s the night before so I didnt have as much to do before she picked me up.

After a quick shower Marysia let me know she was on her way to pick me up so when I thought she was about 10 minutes away I got the food out of the fridge and freezer ready to put in the car. it seemed to start raining as soon as she was outside and I was needing to ferrying things into the car. It felt like we got back to Marysia’s a lot quicker than usual.

We unloaded the car and made of a fuss of Boris before unpacking the food into the cupboards and the fridge/freezer.

Then we got the ladder out and started to put the the bits for the future house up into the loft and out of the way – we have started to get quite a good collection of bits and pieces together ready for when we buy our house!

The rest of the day has been quite chilled out, whilst Marysia has spent time playing her game I have started watching Innocent Series 1 as I never got round to watching it when it was first released on ITV and the second series has just come out.

I then did a few jobs around the flat – hoovering, emptying the bins and washed up before putting together the little desk I got to make working at Marysia’s a little easier.

I then did a little bit of my painting before doing another one of the boxing workouts on the switch.

This evening is going to be filled with watching the football and making dinner, nice and chilled before Monday rolls around and work starts again.

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