Last month I loosely set myself some goals which I surprised myself and actually managed to achieve.

So, this month I have decided to set my goals and share them here on my blog so I can reflect upon them next month and share with you how I get on with them

Personal Goals

1. Keep exercising regularly and improving diet – still got a long way to get my body in check and to where I want to be to be happy

2. Read 2 Books Minimum

3. Stick to morning and evening routine – helping with anxiety and is also helping to keep me organised

4. Drink More Water

A lot of these goals are based upon trying to improve my physical fitness through eating better and exercising more. I recently purchased a new water bottle which has helped to improve upping my water intake, so I just need to stick with it and making it something I do by default rather than having to think about. My reading goal for the year is creeping up on me and I am slowly falling behind so I want to try and catch back up with that as well as make a little bit of a dent in my to be read pile too.

Financial Goals

1. Stick to my budget


Both of these goals are kind of effective from the 15th as that is my pay day and my ‘budget’ is worked out to run pay day to pay day. There is a little bit of a joke between Marysia and I that I like to buy a lot of ‘things’ so my aim this month is to only buy what is necessary. I have plenty of books and craft things to see me through to the following month and beyond so realistically the only thing that I should buy is food. The thing I may struggle with is I do enjoy a scroll through Amazon – maybe I will have to remove the app from my phone.

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