Monday 5th July 2021

I seemed to have slipped into a routine at Marysia’s of waking up early as I was up and ready for the day at half 6 this morning. As soon as I was awake I decided to head out for an early morning walk. It was quite refreshing getting out that early and definitely got me feeling motivated for the rest of the day.

Once I got back from my walk I made myself some breakfast and read my book for a little while. I am still ready Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig and am hoping to get it finished this week.

I then started trying to clear some of the junk emails out of a couple of my email accounts as the junk emails seem to have just flooded in recently and I have struggled to stay on top of them! I am hoping by the end of this month that I will have my email accounts in some kind of order.

I made myself an early lunch which consisted of BBQ ribs and chips which I ate whilst watching some telly.

I then started getting ready for work as my shift was due to start at 1pm. I had a quick video chat with Marysia before starting work which is always a nice way to start work! We have also ordered a smart Blu-ray/ DVD player and a sound bar – we love watching TV and series so cannot wait to try them out! I also have some camera bits arriving so I can fully get back into this blog and creating some more YouTube videos, plus I just love a gadget.

Seeing as it was my first late shift in work for a while I expected the day to drag a little but I went by quite quickly. Although I was definitely flagging by 9pm! I am not sure I will be up as early tomorrow morning.

Tuesday 6th July 2021

I was groggy this morning, I am definitely out of practice with working late!

Although despite feeling groggy I managed to drag myself out for a walk and even though it was a bit drizzly I still enjoyed it, plus it helped me to wake up a little bit.

Once I got back from my walk it was time for a cups of tea and some breakfast. I decided to spend my morning trying to tidy my room a little bit as it seem to get untidy very quickly! Once everything was back in its place I decided to try and make myself some ‘snack packs’ as I am trying to eat healthier and one of the things that is hindering this the most is my inability to control myself when it comes to snacking.

I had a little bit of good news today as I have been accepted on Get Into – Digital Careers – Google IT Support Certificate course through the Prince’s Trust which is due to start on the 20th July. I am really looking forward to getting stuck into this and doing a bit more learning!

After work I crashed very quickly!

Wednesday 7th July 2021

Considering how tired I was yesterday I was awake quite early.

My day started by heading off to the doctors for my blood test to check if my thyroid medication is correct and also my first ever smear test. I always get myself worked up going to the doctors for anything and up until a few months ago I would flat out refuse to go. I hate waiting rooms.

But in all honesty, the blood test and even the smear test wasn’t that bad and they were over within minutes.

Once the doctors was out of the way I headed back home to have some breakfast and chill a little. I then had a chat with my parents via video call before attending a webinar through work about healthy eating, and increasing your vegetable intake as part of a 12 week challenge to get a little healthier.

After that finished I decided to head out for a walk up to Lidl and Home bargains as I needed a few bits for dinner. Home bargains is one of those places you go and always come out with something you don’t need. I did manage to pick up a couple of things to put away for Christmas gifts though which was good!

When I got home I made myself some lunch which was really tasty as I bought some fresh rolls from Lidl and had some really nice ham in them. Whilst I was finishing my lunch off I had a video call with my parents and sorted out entering the Alzheimer’s Society Memory Walk in October – I am quite looking forward to it already!

The rest of my afternoon was spent putting my washing away and watching a few YouTube videos before making dinner. Whilst I ate my dinner I had a video call with Marysia. I then put the screen protectors on my new camera before having a catch up with Abi.

It was time for a quick shower before the England vs Denmark semi final.

Thursday 8th July 2021

After all of the excitement of the football yesterday… In case you missed it, England is through to the final of the Euro’s! I still managed to wake up at 6am with my alarm so I could go for my walk early.

It was quite warm on my walk and I went a little bit further than I would normally as I was enjoying being out and about before the rest of the world woke up! I also tested my new camera out (DJI Pocket 2) and was quite impressed with how easy it was to work.

Once I got back home I made myself some breakfast which I ate whilst watching the news.

I then spent a little bit of time doing a few things on my laptop including updating the titles and descriptions on all of my youtube videos.

After a couple of hours in front of my laptop I decided to got for another quick walk around the block before sitting outside and read a bit of my book in my hamock. It was actually quite nice to relax in the sun and make a bit of progress with my book.

Although before too long it got a little bit too warm for me so I headed back inside which was just in time for my parcel to arrive with the bits Marysia and I chose to upgrade our movie watching experience a little more – we decided to get a snazzy bluray player and a soundbar which we are both very excited to get set up and test!

Once I found a place in my room to store them I had a chat with my parents before a parcel from the Works arrived as I spent the points I had collected on some cooking books.

It was then time for dinner – I had steak, rice and corn on the cob before doing a little bit of exercise and then heading into the shower.

My evening was spent starting to plan my next 12 weeks of food and exercise to get a little bit organised with it. I also started to get some video footage together so that I can start editing the videos and start getting caught up again.

I have my 2nd vaccine tomorrow and I am already starting to get a little bit anxious for it but I know it will be fine. I think I am getting more worked up by the fact it is in a different place to last time so I have to work out where I am going and what the deal with

Friday 9th July 2021

It was 2nd vaccine day today! Once I was up and ready I ordered myself an Uber (they sent me one that could fit 7 people in it so it felt like a bit of a luxury trip!) and before I knew it I was on my way to have my vaccine done!

I actually got sent an appointment at a different vaccination place compared to last time the bonus of this appointment was that it wasn’t raining and there wasn’t many people waiting to get their vaccine done so I managed to get in and out before my actual appointment slot.

I then had a little walk down to Morrisons as I wasn’t sure what to do with the rest of my day, I had a bit of a wonder round there before getting an Uber into town.

I had a couple of things I needed to get in town and then grabbed some lunch before heading home.

I have decided to throw myself into a 12 week health kick starting Monday and spent the afternoon coming up with a meal plan from some of the recipe books I got recently and made a shopping list before heading to Aldi to grab the things I needed.

Once I got back from the shop, I made some dinner and crashed in front of Atypical on Netflix. I am gutted this is the last season but I am enjoying it so far!

Not long before I headed off to bed my arm started aching so I took some paracetamol before heading off to sleep.

Saturday 10th July 2021

I woke up this morning and EVERYTHING in my body hurt. After spending an hour convincing myself to get out of bed (I was so glad I was working the late shift) I headed downstairs to make myself a cups of tea and some breakfast before refilling my tablet box for the week.

I then spent a little while getting the motivation to get going and be a little bit productive. I got dressed and then got all the ingredients and recipes together before realising that I was missing a couple of things. I nipped to Aldi quickly to grab some new potatoes, paracetamol, orange juice and spring onions before heading home again to get cooking.

I managed to get the first 2 weeks of my evening meals cooked, boxed and labelled before starting work. Considering how rough I was feeling this felt like quite an achievement.

I then started getting myself set up for work and slowly throughout the afternoon I started to feel a little more human!

As soon as work finished I did the last bit of my washing up before crashing in bed!

Sunday 11th July 2021

I woke up feeling pretty much back to my usual self after my vaccine yesterday which was good. I got up and went straight out for my morning walk – I love starting my day like this as it wakes me up and instantly makes me feel productive.

As soon as I got back from my walk I made my breakfast and ate that whilst working out what I needed to get done during the morning.

First up I needed to get the last of my meal prep done for the next two weeks. I made some oat bars and also some oat cookies to have for my snacks. I then made two batches of smoothies, a fruit one and also a chocolate and mint one. It managed to get all of that done quicker than I had anticipated so I got the kitchen tidied up and everything put away.

I then started to start getting my work laptop turned on and attempted to turn my laptop on which seemed to have some kind of meltdown and wouldn’t turn on. I rang Knowhow who provide the cover on it and they advised me to take it into a Currys store. After a quick run around unplugging the laptop Keith offered to drive me up there and so we headed off and got it booked in for a repair and it should be fixed by a week Tuesday. We had a quick look in Decathalon which has just opened a store inside Tesco before heading back home.

Luckily we got back with plenty of time spare before my shift started so I got myself sorted for work and spent the rest of my day working.

England played in the Euro finals and I manged to catch the goal in the first half but it ended up being a really great match. Absolutely gutted England lost but it was a great match to watch even though I hate penalty shoot outs!

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