Monday 12th July 2021

Today was day 1 of week 1 of my 12 week fitness plan.

I was woken up by the cat meowing early this morning, after letting him out I turned my alarm off before getting back into bed and then tried to sleep for a little bit longer. As I knew I had a lot that I wanted to get done my brain was awake and I didnt really go back to sleep.

By 6.15 am I was up, dressed and ready to go for my morning walk. I found a podcast to listen to and set off. It was kind of raining and a bit rubbish weather wise but I still got myself out of the house and exercising which was great for the first day of my plan.

Once I got back home I took my starting progress photos and measurements so I had something to look back on in 12 weeks, when hopefully I have made some progress. Fingers-crossed!

I then ran around taking the bins out, hoovering downstairs, sorting the washing up out and getting the house tidied up. Once I had ticked all of those jobs off of my list I had my morning smoothie before working out what I wanted to do with the rest of the day.

First smoothie of this 12 week health kick!

I decided to go for a walk down to homebargains and lidl for some reason my anxiety started to play up on the way there but I managed to get myself in to both shops which I was pleased about. I then decided to push myself a bit further and detour into Aldi on the way home and pick up some cartons of orange juice. By the time I got home I had hit my 10,000 steps for the day which was great as it was just about half way through the day.

I made myself some lunch quickly before watching Atypical whilst tidying my room a little bit, putting my washing away and sorting out the ink in my printer although it turned out I was out of the black ink cartidges so had to order another one so I can replace that. After I finished series 4 of Atypical I played on the xbox for a little bit before making my dinner.

My evening has been pretty chilled – watching some TV, having a shower and winding down before having an early night ready for work tomorrow.

Chilling in my Oodie!

Tuesday 13th July 2021

I feel like I have finally got some structure and purpose back into my days plus it helps that I had quite a good day in work too. Everything feels like it is slotting together again.

Day 2 of week one of my new health kick (there has been many of these, I know) has gone quite well, still struggling to get 2 litres of water in me but that is work in progress. I have enjoyed all of my meals today, a chocolate, mint and hazelnut smoothie for breakfast, ham roll for lunch and then sweet and sour turkey with rice for dinner. It really hasn’t felt like a diet.

I struggled a little bit to get out of bed, but I did make it out of the door before 7am for my morning walk listening to a podcast – I am really getting into ‘Not Overthinking’ at the moment.

Once I finished work I had my dinner, watched a little bit of the last episode of Soulmates on Amazon Prime, it’s a bit of a copy of The One from Netflix as the concepts are very similar but I would still say it is worth a watch. However I didnt watch the whole episode as I started to get really restless so decided to go for a second walk of the day, it was very warm and definitely did the job of winding me down for the evening. Plus it had the bonus of upping my step count which is always good.

Once I got home again I got a bottle of cold water, jumped in the shower and sorted myself out for tomorrow. Going to spend the rest of the evening watching the end of that episode of Soulmate and maybe read a little bit too.

Wednesday 14th July 2021

I was actually quite prepared to get up at 6am this morning so as soon as I was awake I was dressed and out of the door for my morning walk. It was quite nice this morning so I just listened to my podcast whilst I went for my walk.

Once I got back home I sorted out a few emails and updated my goodreads before having my smoothie and setting up for work.

Work was busy today especially in the first half of the day! I was quite lucky as my day was split up by a webinar about physical activity which was quite interesting plus we had a team meeting. Then this afternoon/evening things slowed down a little bit.

During my lunch break I had a catch up with my parents which was good to chat with them before they go away.

My day has finished off by having dinner, chicken fried rice, followed by an evening walk.

I am ready to crash now and am definitely feeling pretty tired. Two more days in work…

Sunday 18th July 2021

I haven’t journalled for a few days , in fact I can’t actually remember the last time I did write something in my journal. So I will catch you up on what I have been up to this weekend.

Yesterday I stayed at Marysia’s and she picked me up quite early, although I did manage to get my morning walk in before.

We went straight back to hers as we had a few things we wanted to get done.

After we unpacked everything we put the things that needed to go up in the loft away. I had bought a few more things to go with our ‘new house’ purchases so we put them out of the way to keep them safe.

We, or more like Marysia, set up the new sound bar and blu-ray player. It seemed a bit complicated working out all of the wires so I helped by putting the batteries in the remote and then left her to it. Whilst she was going that I cut out the pug stickers I got for her food bin and I also put one by Boris’s bed.

Once those things were done I set up to get cracking with painting the door frame and bath panel in the bathroom. It didn’t actually take as long as what I thought it would and I also managed to paint Marysia’s bedroom door frame too.

After I completed all of the painting I spent a little bit of time watching some telly whilst playing on my switch before making our dinner, which was a chicken curry.

After dinner we watched Wonder Woman 1984 in ultra HD on the new blu-ray player. Halfway through we stopped to take Boris out for a little walk as the temperature had cooled down a little bit.

Once we got back I got in my pyjamas and we watched the second half of the film. I really enjoyed it and was SO impressed by the new soundbar and blu-ray player!

We were up early this morning, between the warm weather and the sun coming up early we got up and dressed and took Boris out for a walk as it was quite cool and ideal for him. It started to warm up as we got back to Marysia’s, so we timed it quite well.

It was then time for a morning cups of tea and to watch a little bit of telly before packing my stuff and heading back home.

It didn’t take us too long to get back to mine, although the roads were busier than they have been in a while.

As soon as I got back to mine I stripped my bed and got the bedding in the wash before heading to Aldi to pick up the bits I need for this week. I was surprised as everyone else seemed to have the same idea as I did and there was a queue outside. It didn’t take too long to get the things I needed.

Once I got home I sorted my shopping out, put the washing out to dry and then jumped in the hot tub for 15 minutes, it was quite refreshing.

Once I got out of the hot tub I decided to make myself some lunch, I had ribs and chips (one of my favourite meals) whilst that was cooking I found something to watch on the telly.

After lunch I put new bedding on my bed and made it back up again before crashing for an hour or two watching Manhunt on ITV. I found a burst of energy from somewhere so spent a little bit of time reorganising my desk and swapping the monitor over to the other side. It feels so much better this way round!

I spent my evening putting my washing away and playing some FIFA. Overall, it has been a very chilled weekend and I feel refreshed for the week ahead! I should hopefully get my laptop back next week as well as my module result!

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