Monday 19th July 2021

WOW IT IS HOT. In fact I think it reached 31 degrees celsius today which is super hot especially for the UK!

I woke up at 5am as I was due to start work at 7am and really wanted to go for my morning walk. I was actually quite relieved I went when I did as it was already quite warm and had I of gone later I would have been even hotter and I don’t think I would have been able to tolerate that.

Work went by quite quickly and being a Monday it was relatively busy which always helpt the time to go by quite quickly.

My evening was spent finishing/ continuing to tidy my desk and organise it a little bit more whilst having my dinner. I had a fajita rice bowl which was really tasty.

I then found out my module result for my course has been released so I logged on and found out that I had passed! I rang my parents to let them know as well as messaging a few other family members to, before ringing my sister and having a catch up with her.

I spent a little bit of time waiting for the weather to cool down before going for another walk, before having a quick shower and crashing for the day. A pretty normal Monday really!

Tuesday 20th July 2021

It feels like it just keep getting hotter! Although I do love seeing the sun so I can’t really complain.

I seem to have slept through my alarm this morning or I turned it off in my sleep which is equally possible. I did still manage to get up in time to be able to have a walk before work and also get all the things I needed to get done before I started my shift so it wasn’t all bad!

My day in work wasn’t too bad, although it did feel like it started to drag at times. I was definitely glad when 5pm rolled around and I signed off for my three days off this week.

My evening has consisted of going to get some ribs to have for my dinner as a mini celebration for my first year results on my university course. I then spent a little while playing the Tony Hawk game on my switch whilst catching up on last weeks Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19.

I also received my log in details for the course I am doing, Google IT Support, which I am looking forward to getting stuck into over the next few weeks.

I have taken it a little bit slower this evening as I have listened to my body and its cry for a rest. I definitely won’t be up late thats for sure! I also have quite a few things I want to get done/ planned on my days off so I am hoping to get it all done,

Wednesday 21st July 2021

I was SO looking forward to having a good nights sleep last night and I ended up having anything but a good nights sleep. I woke up so many times, had flashbacks for the first time in a while and was just really restless. I finally gave in at about 7am and got up for my morning walk. The fresh aire helped to wake me up a little bit and get me going for the day.

After my walk I got BBC2 on to watch team GB play Chile in the womens football. Team GB won 2 nil which was a great start!

Once the football had finished I tidied a few things up and then attended a webinar about creating healthy habits. It was actually quite interesting and I definitely came away with a few tips!

As soon as the webinar finished I got myself ready and grabbed my laptop bag to go down to catch a bus so that I could pick my laptop up from Currys. After I walked across from Tescos I joined the queue behind a man who seemed to be having an argument but also agreeing with the guy behind the counter for a very long time. Once that guy moved on I handed my paperwork over in exchange for my laptop and a new charger. Turns out there was something up with the power and also the BIOS, I might like technology, gadgets and gizmos but some of the more technical things get a little lost on me. However I was just really happy that it has now been fixed and I am back up and running again!

As I had a little bit of time to kill after collecting my laptop before getting the bus back home I had a wonder around B&M where I picked up a little fake plant for my desk, some extra sticky notes and a little gift to go with the bits I have got for my Mum’s birthday which call came to a grand total of £4 – BARGAIN! I also had a wonder round TK Max there were a few shirts I liked however they weren’t really at a price I was willing to pay for them so I left empty handed. I nipped into Tesco’s to grab a couple of bits for my lunch/dinner and made the bus with a couple of minutes to spare.

The bus was absolutely boiling! So as soon as I got home I changed into a bikini and jumped straight into the hot tub which had been cooled down so it was nice and refreshing after being out in the sun for a few hours. Once I was done in the hot tub I grabbed my lunch and ate it outside before setting up my hammock and finishing reading my book, Reasons To Stay Alive. As I finished the book I fell asleep which luckily I woke up before I got burnt to a crisp!

I then had a calippo before heading inside to ring my parents and then watch a film.

My evening was spent tidying up my room a little bit as it seems to get messy very quickly! It is the first time in a very long time there isn’t anything being stored on my desk chair over night which is progress!

I had a nice cool shower before chilling out and watching some youtube videos. I have printed my tickets out for tomorrow as I have booked to go to Cardiff Museum and I am actually really looking forward to it! I will probably have a little wonder in town before getting the bus home

Thursday 22nd July 2021

Wow. What a day.

It has been another scorching hot day today. I didn’t go for my morning walk this morning as I planned to get up and head into town early so that I could wonder around taking some photos before heading into the museum.

I was basically a tourist for the majority of the day and I LOVED IT. It is always so weird seeing town go from being completely dead to really busy in the space of an hour or two.

After killing time in town taking some photos and people watching I headed over to the museum. I was surprised that there was a queue of people waiting to go inside, so once the doors opened I hung back a little bit to allow everyone else to get in before me. Due to the covid restrictions some of the areas of the museum are off limits but you can still see the majority of what is inside.

As it had been a while since I last went, I enjoyed having a slow walk around looking at the different fossils and animals as I went around.

I also enjoyed having a look in the galleries. There was one exhibition which was quite graphic and eye opening too.

Whilst I was looking around the shop trying to find a pin badge for my collection my phone rang and it was someone saying I had got myself an interview for the job I applied for which is really exciting and a little nerve racking as the interview is tomorrow!

Once I was done in the museum I headed into town and tried to pick up the things on my shopping list which I needed to buy, some new shorts, birthday cards and a couple of other things. I then grabbed a drink before heading home.

It was very hot by this point and I was quite tired from all of the walking I had done (I hit 13000 steps before leaving town) so crashed for a little bit watching telly once I got home.

I then rang my parents to see how their holiday was going before playing on the xbox for a little while.

I had my dinner, which consisted of some skewers before jumping in the shower to try and cool off.

I definitely won’t be up late tonight, well I don’t plan to be but we wil

Friday 23rd July 2021

I woke up relatively early this morning, without an alarm being set so I got dressed and headed out for my morning walk. It was a little bit cooler than it has been the last few days which was quite refreshing.

Once I got back from my walk I made myself some breakfast and did a little bit of preparation for the interview I had at half 9. I never really know how to prepare for an interview as you don’t know what questions will be asked so I just made some general notes of things I though may be useful.

I think the interview went okay, but you never know with these things, so we will see how it turns out in a week or so.

Once the interview was out of the way I could relax a little and enjoy my last day off this week.

I can’t say that I was overly productive as I spent the majority of the day playing on the Xbox. I did go out about midday to pick up some burgers and rolls to have for my dinner. I did mean to pick up some ice lollies but I forgot!

It has been quite nice to chill out today though and not really do anything as I haven’t had a day like this for a while.

Back to work tomorrow/ for the rest of the weekend and I am on the early shift so

Saturday 24th July 2021

My alarm went off at 5am this morning. I wasn’t ready for it so reset it for 6am.

I had no regrets about this whatsoever! The weather was rubbish so i didn’t feel like I wanted to go out for my walk, mainly because I didn’t want to get wet and cold.

I started work at 7am this morning and for some reason I just couldn’t wake myself up. I felt really groggy all day. However despite not feeling 100% with it, the day did feel like it went by quite quickly which was good.

I managed to finish reading ‘Reasons To Stay Alive’ which was good and I have made a bit of progress with the ‘4 Hour Work Week’. I think I am going to start a fiction book next as I haven’t read a good novel in a while and have a fair few to get through!

This evening has been spent watching some youtube videos. I had a cool shower and will probably just crash pretty soon as I feel SO tired today.

Sunday 25th July 2021

These early mornings are getting worse each day. My body simpkly doesn’t want to get out of bed. As a result I skipped my morning walk again. I definitely need to get my routine back.

I was working 7 until 5 today so my day was pretty much spent in front of my work laptop. The bonus the day didn’t feel as though it dragged too much and I also had a roast dinner.

My evening probably won’t be anything too exciting as I just feel wiped out this week. I will probably have a nice long shower and read my book before crashing in bed.

I have another early start tomorrow morning and I am aiming to get up and go for my morning walk to wake myself up and get into the swing of things again!

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  1. congratulations on passing, and I hope the early morning walks come back you take stunning photos xx


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