Monday 26th July 2021

It hasn’t felt like a Monday today as I was working the weekend, and I really am struggling with getting up for these early shifts! However I did make a little bit of progress this morning and managed to get up for my early morning walk today. It definitely helped me to wake up a little bit!

I made myself a cup of peppermint tea and got myself set up for work. Considering how tired I felt when I woke up the day went by relatively quickly and lunch time came around really fast. I spent my lunch break watching some videos on YouTube. The afternoon part of my shift also went by quite quickly.

I decided to tick off one fo my jobs for tomorrow this evening by walking up to home bargains and picking up some more face wash, shampoo and then pop into Lidl to get the bits to make a spaghetti Bolognese tomorrow as I really fancy it!

My legs seem to really hurt walking up to the shops. I’m pretty sure it is shin splints but other than resting them and using a cold compress on them I am not sure what else I can do to stop them hurting/ to stop it from happening.

I ended up having my dinner quite late due to this impromptu trip to the shops which through off the rest of my plans for the evening but I am still glad I went and got that done as it free’s up a bit more of my time tomorrow.

I am hoping to have a little bit of a lay in tomorrow but we will see if my body wants to do that or not tomorrow. I am just glad not to have an alarm set!

Tuesday 27th July 2021

I feel like I have been quite productive too even though I had a little bit of a lay in! But then I did get up at half 7. In all fairness that is a lay in when you have been getting up at 5am!

I went for my morning walk straight away and it was absolutely chucking it down! I think it made me walk a little bit quicker!

When I got back from my walk I decided I needed to bite the bullet and speak to the doctor about my legs. Whenever I walk at the moment my calf muscles go really tight and my shins feel as though they are on fire. This morning my left ankle also started swelling up and as it started to calm down again the twitching I had back when I had covid returned. Something isn’t right and I need to sort it out. So after a bit of a palaver trying to get an appointment I have a phone appointment at 8.45pm. Hopefully this sheds some light on it and what I can do to improve it.

I spoke to my Mum and Dad briefly to catch up with them and tell them about my leg situation before I had a talk for the Google IT course I am starting. It was quite interesting and was good to meet other people doing the course too!

After that finished I ran across to the shop, it decided to rain just as I was leaving so I got absolutely drenched!

I got myself comfy in the front room for a bit to watch the Canada vs GBR women’s football once I got back from the shop. It was a little bit of a slow match but Canada scored a cracking goal! It finished 1-1 which was a pretty good result for Team GB!

Once the football was over I made myself a late lunch/ early dinner, one of my favourites, spaghetti Bolognese which I ate whilst I watched some Netflix.

I spent a bit of time playing on the Xbox before doing a little bit of my course. I managed to get all of the introductory bits out of the way ready to start on the ‘real’ course material tomorrow. I have also scheduled in some time throughout the next few weeks to ensure I make some progress with it.

I think I am going to watch some telly and wind down a little bit before the doctor calls. Then it will be time for bed ready for the 5am start tomorrow.

Wednesday 28th July 2021

On the advice of the doctor I didn’t go for my morning walk. Which meant I had a little longer in bed this morning although I don’t feel as though that has made a lot of difference!

After I dragged myself out of bed I made myself a cups of tea and got myself set up for work.

The morning flew by really quickly and then it was time for another session with the Prince’s Trust. I had booked an hour off with work so that I could attend it. Just as the session finished I had a call from the doctor who asked me to go up for more blood tests to try and get to the bottom of the issue with my legs.

I had my lunch straight after which was left over spaghetti Bolognese and ate it whilst I watched a bit more of Clarkson’s Farm – it is so funny!

Before I knew it it was time to go back to work. Although the afternoon did go by quite quickly. I had given myself a half hour break between finishing work and starting my evening session of coursework. I stuck to my schedule and impressed myself how productive I was, I had set myself a target of work that I wanted to get done and managed to complete all of the bits on my list!

Once I finished my coursework I jumped in the shower before watching some more of Clarkson’s Farm. I am really enjoying it and now I want a farm!

I will spend an hour before bed reading my book before heading to bed.

Thursday 29th July 2021

It is Thursday today and for some reason my brain has thought that i was Monday all day so everything felt a little off.

I had a pretty good night’s sleep so I woke up feeling quite with it.

I got myself a cups of tea and started setting up for work after I got dressed. As I had a little bit of time spare I read a little bit of my book ‘A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder’ – it is really good!

My day seemed to fly by again today and I was kept busy with a few different things I needed to get sorted from earlier in the week.

I had a doctor’s appointment at 1pm due to the ongoing problems I have with my legs but the doctor seemed pretty sure that it isn’t anything serious and that I should slow down a little on my exercise and try to build up to what I am doing a little more slowly. Which is fine by me and I will probably go down to one walk per day but try and make it a little bit longer.

Once I finished work I got myself some crumpets for my dinner as I had left over spag bol for my lunch. I ate them whilst watching Clarkson’s farm.

My Amazon parcel arrived which contained my new markers however one set (the acrylic ones) didn’t work so they are going to be sent back tomorrow. Although after testing some of my other pens out I think I have something better that I can use anyways!

I have done a little bit more of my course this evening and am about to jump in the shower before spending the rest of the evening reading my book! Going to be a chilled night.

One more day in work this week before the weekend and some quality time with Marysia!

Friday 30th July 2021

Today has felt never ending. I rolled out of bed after staying up late finishing my book and got ready for the day.

I literally felt like I needed match sticks in my eyes to keep them open whilst I made my morning tea. But I soon woke up!

It felt like a nonstop day in work and I had quite a few little jobs I needed to get done today during my breaks too.

I managed to get everything done that I wanted to and also gave myself an evening off of doing coursework as my brain felt FRIED when I finished work.

I spent my evening picking up the couple of things we need at Marysia’s and then watching the last of Clarkson’s Farm on Amazon Prime.

I am really looking forward to spending time with Marysia tomorrow. I am also really looking forward to going out for a meal together which we haven’t done in a very long time.

Saturday 31st July 2021

I was up early this morning, well earlyish, to get ready for Marysia to pick me up as she was coming to get me for half 8.

Once I was showered and dressed I had a quick cups of tea before packing the last of the things I needed to take with me to Marysia’s.

By chance I looked at my phone and Marysia was already waiting outside, bang on time, for some reason my phone was on silent and I didn’t hear her messages. She had been waiting for a good 5-10 minutes before I realised! I put my bag in the car and we headed back to hers.

Once we got to hers Marysia made us a cups of tea and I had a few biscuits with it. They were some South African branded biscuits and were really tasty – I think my favourite ones were the mint chocolate ones.

I then got myself set up at her work desk to do a little bit of my coursework for the IT course I am doing. I managed to get quite a bit done before I stopped for a little break.

During the break in my studying I made us some ciabatta rolls and whilst they were rising I took Boris for a quick walk down the lane. Boris tried to go a little bit beyond the lane and looked a little bit disappointed when I told him we weren’t going that far.

When we were back from our walk I put the rolls in the oven and then put the sausages in the grill to make some sausage rolls. They turned out really well and I was quite pleased with the result!

I then got back to a little bit more studying and read a little bit of my book before getting ready to go out for a meal with Marysia.

Marysia had booked us a table at Miller and Carter to celebrate me finishing my first year of my university course. It was really great to get dressed up a little bit and go out for a meal. We had a great time together, and the food was AMAZING – I had a sirloin steak followed by a chocolate brownie for dessert! It was our first date night as a married couple and I think it set the bar very high! I really enjoyed the evening as it has been a while since we have done something like that so it was just really good to be able to get out and spend some time together.

Once we left Miller and Carter we headed back to Marysia’s and took Boris straight out as soon as we got back for his evening walk. He was very excited to see us and was very eager to get out for his little walk.

When we got back I gave him a tiny piece of steak I brought back to him which he was very excited for!

Sunday 1st August 2021

I cannot believe it is the 1st of August already, this year seems to be flying by!

I woke up at 5am this morning which is the time that my alarm would normally go off but I wasn’t ready to get up yet, plus Marysia and Boris were still asleep so I went back to sleep and woke up again at about 6.20 am when Boris started waking up and moving about.

So we all got up, I got dressed and took Boris out for his morning walk whilst Marysia made us a morning cups of tea and got Boris’s breakfast ready.

We sat and drank our tea whilst watching some of the Olympics catch up stuff on the telly. It was then time to start getting my things together for Marysia to drop me back home.

As it was quite early the roads were clear and we got back to mine quite quickly. I dumped all of my stuff in my room, sort of half unpacking everything before making a list of the things I needed for the week and headed over to Aldi and Farmfoods to pick everything up.

The whole way to Aldi I thought that it was going to rain, but luckily it held off! I managed to get everything on my list and then headed back home.

I then set myself up to do some of my course so that I could progress a bit further with it before having a Sunday lunch!

After lunch I started to crash and without realising I managed to nap for over an hour – I must have needed it!

Once I woke up from my little nap I finished off the bits of my coursework I had started before organising my to do list/ making my plans for my days off next week.

My evening will be spent reading my book and winding down before heading to bed.

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