Monday 9th August 2021

I struggled to get to sleep last night which made getting up this morning a challenge, luckily I was on a later shift in work which meant I was able to sleep in a little bit.

I decided to go straight out and have a walk first thing as soon as I was up as it wasn’t raining and the sun was actually out! Which made a difference from the last few days… I strapped my legs up and got outside. I haven’t been for my morning walk for a little while so it was actually quite good to get out in the fresh air, especially as most of my day is spent behind a computer screen.

After I finished my walk I made my breakfast and a cup of tea before watching a few things on YouTube and updating my calendar for the week ahead.

The start time of my shift rolled around far too quickly in my opinion. It felt like the most Mondayiest shift ever. Busy. But on the plus side it helped the day go quicker. I spent my lunch break printing out all the tickets for going to Cambridge so that is already!

Once I finished work I made myself some dinner and had a video chat with my Mum and Dad to catch up after they have been away for the weekend.

I have spent the last hour doing some suicide awareness training. It was quite interesting but a very intense topic!

I think I am going to get ready for bed and do a bit of reading before crashing for the night.

I have a day off work tomorrow and have quite a busy but productive day planned.

Tuesday 10th August 2021

It was my day off from work today and I woke up around 7am. After scrolling through Instagram and a bit of encouragement from Marysia I decided to go for my morning walk, the weather just about held out for me.

I got back had breakfast and a cups of tea whilst watching some YouTube videos. I then ran down to the pharmacy to collect my prescription however it wasn’t ready yet so I will have to again later in the week.

I managed to get a decent chunk of my google IT course done this morning too which I was really happy with. I completed the networking section, it fried my brain a little bit but I think I managed to take in the key bits of information.

Once my learning was complete for the day had a video chat with my Mum for a bit before making some lunch.

The afternoon was spent doing quite a few odd jobs I needed to get done. I also managed to sort my clothes out for Marysia’s next week and then also what I need the following week for when we go to Cambridge. Whilst I was doing that I watched some more YouTube videos and tidied my room a little bit.

I then decided to do a little bit of painting and ended up having a video chat with Marysia.

The day flew by and it was soon time for dinner which I ate quite quickly and watcher Summerland whilst I had dinner.

After the film finished I wrote a couple of blogposts and did a bit of life admin stuff trying to keep myself awake as I want to adjust body clock slightly for the late shift I am on for the rest of the week.

Wednesday 11th August 2021

Knowing I was working late today I wanted to make the most of being in bed this morning which meant I didn’t get up until MUCH later than I usually would.

When I finally rolled out of bed I made myself a cups of tea, some toast and watched a little bit of YouTube. I then ticked off a few blog admin things before heading out on a walk to try and wake myself up a little bit. I stopped off at the pharmacy on my walk to pick up my prescription before heading home.

Once I got back home I spent a bit of time playing on the Xbox before I had to start work.

I have a love hate relationship with the late shift. I love it because for some reason I always find the day goes a little quicker but I hate it because I would love to get into bed at a reasonable time.

On that note, I am throwing my pjs on and heading into bed to read a bit of my book before I get some much needed sleep!

Thursday 12th August 2021

My bed definitely didn’t want me to leave it today, okay I didn’t want to leave my bed. But after finishing work late last night it was a real struggle.

First thing I did this morning after replying to Marysia’s morning message was check my payslip and update my budget for the month. We are going away in two weeks and despite that I am working out ways of cutting back my spending even more.

I decided that I needed some fresh air so I headed out for a walk. I plugged my headphones in and zoned out for a while.

Once I got back from my walk I made some breakfast and cup of tea quickly before watching this week’s episode of New Amsterdam. It was emotional.

I then had a catch up with my parents. I am not sure if I mentioned in my journal entry yesterday, but I have decided to write a book. We chatted a little about that and tried to work out how to access some information under the freedom of information act.

I read a little of my book, Ship It before I started work. The whole of my shift seemed to go by quite quickly and before I knew it I was finishing up for the day and tidying up.

Before heading to bed I got 1200 words written down towards the first draft of my book and scheduled a blog post for tomorrow.

I have a lot to do tomorrow before going to Marysia’s so I will be up at a more reasonable time and will have to break free of the clutches of my bed no matter how much it tries to make me stay. On that note I should probably stop writing here and actually head to bed!

Friday 13th August 2021

Friday the 13th… I always feel like I am waiting for something bad to happen.

I set my alarm last night as I knew I had to get up at a reasonable time as I had a lot to get done this morning before starting work at midday.

First up I needed to go to the cash machine, the first one I went to was out of order so I had to walk down to the other one, which wasn’t a big issue as I combined it with my morning walk.

Had a quick cups of tea after getting back from my walk to nip back out to the shop and pick up something for breakfast and something for my lunch. I opted for pain au chocolate for breakfast and a rack of ribs and chips for my lunch.

After that I had an exciting email saying my information request had been approved for the book I am writing and I should hear back within a month. I am looking forward to what I get in response.

I had a quick chat with my parents before making some progress with my packing for Marysia’s. I think it is almost done now I still have a few bits to pack but it should all be finished before I go to bed… That is the plan anyways! Especially as she is picking me up early I want to make sure it is done and I am ready.

Work has been pretty busy today but I am definitely looking forward to a couple of days off this weekend

Saturday 14th August 2021

I had a bit of a rough night’s sleep as someone had a party on my street and there were a few people revving engines outside my window. Despite the lack of sleep I was still up early this morning as I had to finish packing before Marysia came to pick me up.

After running around making sure I had everything packed I had a quick shower before waiting for Marysia. It wasn’t too long before I saw her car pull up outside. We headed straight back to hers to drop my stuff off and see Boris quickly before going and doing a bit of shopping as we needed to get our food for the week.

First stop was B&M where we got some drinks, a few treats and a car seat cover so Boris can sit on the backseat (he has a seat belt now too!). We then went over to Lidl to get all of our food shopping, it didn’t take us long and it was surprisingly quiet in there for being a Saturday!

Once we got back to Marysia’s we unpacked the shopping and sorted everything out before Marysia sorted out setting up Final Fantasy XIV on my laptop. I had half installed during the week it but couldn’t work out how to log in to finish setting it up.

We went for a walk with Boris towards the end of the afternoon, luckily the rain had seemed to stop by this point!

Once we got back from our walk I spent the evening finishing my painting.

Sunday 15th August 2021

As soon as I woke up this morning I took Boris out for his morning walk. It was a little bit drizzly but not too bad!

When we got back Marysia had a cups of tea ready for me so I crashed on the sofa to drink that and scroll through the notifications I had woken up to.

I spent about an hour playing Final Fantasy XIV – I am starting to understand it a bit more now and am slowly getting my head around the controls!

After playing on the game a while I made a start on our roast dinner – we haven’t had one for a while and Boris was the most excited for it!

I then settled down to read my book whilst everything was cooking.

After lunch I took Boris out for his midday walk, we got a little bit wet as it was raining just as we turned around to come back.

I intended to read my book for the rest of the afternoon, I don’t know what happened but I fell asleep for about 4 hours. The late shift in work must have caught up with me!

I was a little bit groggy when I woke up but took Boris for his last walk of the day. I will have a bath and  then make some dinner for Marysia before probably watching some telly.

The weekend goes by WAY too fast!

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