Monday 16th August 2021

Today hasn’t gone as planned.

I was up at half 6 to take Boris for his morning walk. This took a little bit longer than I was hoping, I was in desperate need of a cups of tea and Boris didn’t want to do his business.

Once we finally made it back Marysia had a cups of tea ready for me and I got to sit and enjoy it whilst we watched a bit if the news.

Marysia was working from the office so headed in to work and I got on with preparing our dinner for later on. I had a video chat with my parents whilst I was cooking.

I then tried to start setting up my work laptop however I encountered some issues. After trying to sort that I out I headed out on a walk with Boris.

After I got back I did a bit of work on my blog, I have a few more posts I want to get written this week to get ahead which I think I will be able to get done

I then was unable to start my shift for work so did a little bit more work on my blog before sitting down and doing some painting (I had a new one delivered today).

Marysia came home on her lunch break, it was nice for her to be home and work here. After she finished work I got dinner ready for us before taking Boris out for his last walk of the day.

It was then finally time to crash for the day, I jumped in the shower and then settled on the sofa whilst Marysia played on her game.

Tuesday 17th August 2021

I was up early this morning to take Boris for his morning walk. It was quite fresh outside and I was not prepared for the sting of the cold air. I was definitely ready for my cups of tea when I got back.

It has been a funny kind of day as I was due to be working but because of my work laptop being broken I was waiting for the tech team to contact me with an update. It made it a little bit difficult to pick anything up and get stuck into anything.

I spent a little bit of time doing some of my Google IT course. I still have quite a bit more to do this week to make sure I stay up to date.

My day ended up being based around Boris’s walks throughout the day. I even squeezed in a little walk to the shop to get a few drinks for Marysia and I to have with our dinner. We had garlic and herb pork schnitzel for dinner with chips however I managed to burn some of the chips.

Marysia and I went to be really early, 8.30pm and sat reading in bed.

Wednesday 18th August 2021

Today was my first day off this week. Marysia was working from the office today so we were up early and I took Boris for his morning walk. It was quite a quick one and we were back before Marysia headed off to work.

I made a cups of tea and had some breakfast whilst watching some Youtube videos.

I organised a few admin things, and then I watched deceit on Channel 4.

My afternoon was spent speaking to my parents whilst preparing mine and Marysia’s dinner.

I gave Boris is dinner and then took him out for his last walk of the day, it was quite eventful! We were almost back when we spotted a dog out on its own. I wasn’t sure what to do with it, and it seemed quite timid. I decided to carry the dog back up the lane, the direction it came from, which was also the way we were going. I crossed paths with the guy whose dog it was, it turns out the dog is a bit of an escape artist and got out.

I spent a bit of time playing on my switch.

Thursday 19th August 2021

Another day, another early morning in order to take Boris out for his walk. Marysia was off to the office again and was leaving a bit earlier as she needed to get petrol.

I spent the majority of the day trying to reorgansie my hard drives so that the file structure made a little bit more sense. I think I could play around with them forever! I have made quite a bit of progress however this is still some work to do on them. Once all the files are sorted I have ALOT of videos to edit in order to get my YouTube back up to date.

I had a video chat with my parents in the afternoon and checked in on my Mum after her hospital appointment.

I still have some work to do on my course as I have quite a bit I want to get done before we head off for our week away!

My replacement work laptop arrived but it has pretty much the same fault as the one I returned so am now having to wait for another one to arrive. Although I am hoping it will come before we go away… We will see!

The rest of my day was spent playing Tony Hawk on my Switch – I have really got back into it again. It feels so nostalgic and maybe this will be the first ever game I complete 100%

Friday 20th August 2021

Honestly I really don’t think I did an awful lot today. I seem to really have developed a routine around taking Boris out for his 3 daily walks.

I think my greatest achievement today has been the monster of a lasagne I made for us. It was SO GOOD!

Saturday 21st August 2021

Once again we were up early. As it is a weekend Marysia was off work and I have been awaiting news about my replacement work laptop.

I took Boris straight out for his morning walk however it wasn’t very pleasant as it was raining. Not ideal, especially when Boris wants to take his time. Thankfully once we got back Marysia had made me a cups of tea so I drank that to warm up.

We spent a bit of time then sorting the clothes we need for next week and getting organised. Our little week away seems to have come around really fast! After a bit of ironing, followed by being strict with myself about what I do and do not need. We were packed and ready.

It was time for a quick dash to the shops, we needed to get Boris some more food, I needed shampoo (I have a really sensitive scalp and can only use specific shampoos these days!), some drinks and snacks for the journey. Once we had gathered everything we needed we headed back.

Marysia then started tidying her car and hoovering it out… It wasn’t messy but she likes to give it a clean before we go away anywhere. I attempted to take Boris for his midday walk however he was more interested in helping Marysia to clean the car.

The afternoon was spent sorting my cameras out and emptying memory cards. I spent a little bit of time playing Final Fantasy XIV and Tony Hawk on my Switch before taking Boris for his last walk of the day. I started listening to an audio book whilst on our walk which I think is something I will keep doing.

As soon as I got back from walking Boris I made us some dinner (left over lasagne from yesterday) which we ate whilst watching the second episode of The Chair (it is really good!)

This evening I have spent watching various YouTube videos and trying to learn Notion – it is going to be a long learning curve but I think it will b

Sunday 22nd August 2021

Just like the rest of this week as soon as I was awake I got dressed and ready in order to take Boris out for his morning walk.

Once I got back I had a cups of tea ready and waiting for me as Marysia had got it ready for me. We sat and watched a bit of telly before getting on with various things.

I did some hoovering, tidied up a few things I won’t be taking with us when we go away and generally sorted bits and pieces out.

I sat down and watched the first episode of CSI Cyber – it is one of my favourite TV shows that I can watch over and over again.

I spent a bit of time today finally going through my emails and getting rid of the mountain of junk that had accumulated in it. After that I sat and learnt a bit more about Notion  – I think I am finally getting my head around the way that it works and think it could become a great way to keep my blog and the various courses I am doing organised.

Just before lunch I took Boris out for his midday walk and listened to a audiobook whilst we had a wonder. Once we got back I made Marysia and I some lunch, using up some of the last bits of fresh food before we go away.

I then got sucked into Notion and learning different aspects of it – once it is up and running I think it will make a lot more sense!

I crashed on the sofa for an hour or so before taking Boris out for his last walk of the day – he has completely crashed out now! Once we got back from our walk I jumped in the shower before sorting out the last of my camera stuff, medication and bits that I need for going away. We have been quite organised over the last few days so it shouldn’t be too stressful getting going tomorrow.

This evening will probably be spent having dinner, watching a little bit of telly and reading my book.

Next week will be a much busier week than this one has been!

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