Monday 30th August 2021 (Bank Holiday)

Today has been a very slow day and not having Boris rushing me out of bed for his morning walk meant I really struggled to get up. In fact I didn’t get out of bed until after 8am which is the longest I have stayed in bed for a while.

After getting dressed and having my morning tea I set myself up in front of my laptop and caught up on the Google Course I had fallen behind on the past 2 weeks. Luckily today I have stayed focussed and got myself back up to date with everything.

After I had some lunch (a rustlers burger – still haven’t lost my holiday food habits just yet) I got stuck back into organising my Notion desktop I have been building, merging several different excel documents and lists into one place making it easier to find things when I need to. It currently isn’t the most amazing thing to look at but is becoming functional and will hopefully be fully converted to it by the end of the week.

I have found a show on Netflix I have been getting stuck into call Bad Blood – it isn’t my usual kind of series but is really good.

I am hoping I can stay awake long enough tonight for the next episode of Vigil on BBC as the first episode was really good last night.

I treat myself to a rack of ribs and chips for my dinner due to the bank holiday but I really need to get myself back in gear with my diet and exercising again now that our holiday is over.

Tuesday 31st August 2021

I was a lot more productive than I thought I would be today.

I spent all day waiting for my replacement work laptop to arrive which didn’t materialise but I still managed to make the most of the day even after struggling to get out of bed!

I made my cups of tea and settled in front of my laptop to write a few blog posts that I had made a start on but not yet finished. I managed to get them done and scheduled before moving on to playing around with trying to get a game installed on to my laptop… my laptop didn’t seem to like running it through. I also video called my parents and had a chat with them.

I then made myself some lunch which I ate whilst watching some YouTube videos.

My afternoon was spent editing a video to upload onto youtube – I hadn’t done this in a while so it was nice to sit down and get lost in it.

I also wrote a couple of poems today for the first time in a while.

I scheduled the blog youtube video and ate my dinner whilst it was uploading. I also watched the first episode of the Undoing but I am not sure I am into it or not.

This evening I made a plan of action for tomorrow so that I can get the things done that I need to before going to my parents.

I am going to crash now as I plan to get up early to make a start on everything I need to do.

Wednesday 1st September 2021

What a start to the month! I don’t think I have been this productive in a long time!

As soon as I was awake I went straight out for my morning walk, I haven’t done that the last few days and it definitely makes a difference to the rest of my day.

I have managed to do way more than I inteded to.

My Google IT Support course is all back up to date from falling behind due to going away. I have also prepped my notion pages to get stuck into the next section.

I packed for going to my parents. I did procrastinate a little whilst doing this.

I completed a one of the bits I have been struggling with on Tony Hawks on my Switch.

Sorted my camera stuff for going to Cambridge.

Edited and scheduled my January 2020 video.

I am just about to close my laptop for the evening, get ready for bed and crash with my book before going to sleep.

I definitely feel like I need to be reunited with my bed

Thursday 2nd September 2021

I did not want to get out of bed this morning. I had a really bad nights sleep last night, I just kept waking up and struggling to get comfortable. After a bit of a fight with my bed I eventually threw some clothes on and walked down to the pharmacy to pick my prescription up. It wasn’t ready when I arrived but it didn’t take them long to make it up.

I then headed back home to have a cups of tea and and pack the last of the things I needed to take to my parents.

At 11 I had an assessment for support with my mental health through a charity which went well and will be starting in 2 weeks.

I then had a much needed shower – I felt like a zombie and I needed to wake up. I felt a bit more human after my shower and played my switch for a little bit before my Mum and Dad arrived to drive me back to Cambridge.

Our journey back to Cambridge wasn’t too bad, we stopped about half way for something to eat. We had a KFC which was really tasty.

Once we arrived back at my parents I unpacked my stuff and suddenly felt really tired. So I will spend the rest of the evening watching the telly and will probably fall asleep!

Friday 3rd September 2021

I had a really good nights sleep despite being woken up by the dogs at 6am to go out. I tried to go back to sleep for a little while but ended up just laying in bed until half 6. Once I got out of bed I put the sofa bed away and made a cup of tea for everyone. I drank my tea whilst having a scroll through facebook and instagram.

Once I got dressed and ready I went down the shop to get my Mum her newspaper as well as a yoghurt for me and a magazine.

Not long after I got back from the shop Marysia rang me and we had a bit of a chat before I made a start on tidying my parents garden for them. After an hour or so I stopped to have some lunch before finishing off strimming everywhere in the garden, I couldn’t quite finish it off as the strimmer ran out of the string that goes inside of it.

I played with the dogs for a little while and played on my switch a little bit before watching an episode of 9 Perfect Strangers. As soon as the episode finished I ended up falling asleep for about 3 hours. It wasn’t long after I woke up that we had dinner. My evening has been spent watching the telly with my parents before heading to bed as I have an early start in the morning for work.

Saturday 4th September 2021

I didn’t struggle as much I thought I would getting up and ready for work. I always seem to get up so much easier on my day off than when I am working!

I was working from 7 till 5 and it was quite busy so they day went by quite quickly.

Once I finished work I played on my switch a little bit and then we ordered a Chinese before watching Soccer Aid. The match was really good!

Sunday 5th September 2021

My Mum and Dad were off doing a car boot sale this morning with my Auntie Debbie so they were up earlier than I was but I managed to pretty much sleep through them getting ready to leave. I got out of bed just after they left and got ready for work.

I was working the same hours as yesterday but it was so much quieter which was nice. Although the day went a bit slower however I did manage to read my book and get it finished. I quite enjoyed it once it finally got going!

After work my Mum bought us a McDonalds and whilst Aaron and Dad went to get it I played Ring Fit on my Switch and wore myself out completely.

I had a nice hot bath this evening and cannot wait to crash tonight. I am working tomorrow and then have Tuesday off which I cannot wait for!

3 responses to “Weekly Diary: 30th August – 5th September 2021, Back To Cambridge”

  1. The dreaded holiday diet always sticks around for me too, but when the time is right it usually swings back to good behaviour again. Will have to try Virgil and Bad Blood, thanks for the heads up


    1. It is such a struggle to get back into healthy habits but hopefully they will kick in soon!


      1. Fingers crossed, I’m sure they will x


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